Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Pants & Hana/Misikko Dryer

I wore this outfit to an art opening today. One of my friends introduced me to this lady and she said, I noticed your red pants from across the room. Haha! They are indeed very eye catching.

UO - BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans. Size 24. (Also available in fun colors like berry & yellow). It's hard to tell from the pictures, but these pants run large for a size 24. The waist (esp the back) is roomy and there is also extra fabric in the crotch/hip area. I also wished the ankle area were also tighter. Although there are fit issues, I really like these pants. I've been looking for affordable bright color denim for the longest time!
*Btw I purchase these at the store, I'm not 100% sure the pants I'm linking are the exact pants I'm wearing. They look very identical and cost the same. Please let me know if I'm wrong. :)
Free People Seamless Tupelo Honey Top. Size XS.
Forever21 Necklace. (similar here)
Franco Sarto "Vaunt" Sandal - Size 5.5. Runs TTS.

I had a few readers ask me about my hair and how I get so much volume. There's really not much to it and it's actually pretty easy to achieve.

Step 1: Blow dry your hair with your head upside down.
Step 2: Use a large round brush to curl in the ends and aim the dryer with high-medium heat to set.
Step 3: Take hair from the crown and wrap the hair around the large brush.
Step 4: Aim the dryer with high-medium heat at the crown to set it.

The Hana Air Professional hair dryer I am using above can be purchased from Misikko. The product was provided to me as a courtesy of Misikko for reviewing purposes.
I agree to do this review because my hair dryer is ancient and I really needed a new one. I have never purchased a high-end hair dryer before and was super excited to use it. I actually really love it! Here are the pros and cons:

  • Dries my thick hair in 5 mins -- amazing! It used to take me 15-20 mins to dry my hair with the old dryer.
  • Not sure how, but it makes my hair straight (my hair normally has a wave to it), shiny, soft and not frizzy!
  • After using it for week, I feel that my hair is much healthier already.
  • Heavier than my old dryer so it makes my arm tired.
  • It's kind of expensive and would have never thought to invest this much money on a dryer.


  1. How many times do I have to say lady!! These pants are super hot, especially with the animal print heels!! Are you wearing a cami under the top? Does it need one?

    Loving all these product reviews on that dryer!

  2. Love your red pants and necklace!

  3. hmmm I didn't know a hair dryer can make that much of a difference, perhaps it's time for me to invest in one as well, cuz my hair gets so dry... and thanks for sharing your volume hair secrets!!

  4. Love the blow-drying upside down method. I've been doing that since forever! The bold red pants look amazing on you, but not sure if I could rock them as well. Coloured pants still remind me of high school when they were "in" .. and every "hip hop girl" had all the colours of the rainbow. It was a turn off for me, which is probably why I don't even think twice of them now. After seeing them on a few bloggers though, I am convinced that mature women can wear them too!

  5. Your hair looks super HAWT! Also loving the outfit - but there's nothing new about that ;) The shoes are perfect with the whole ensemble.

  6. Very interesting Ping! I probably need to invest in an expensive dryer as well. The results you've achieved sound amazing! Misikko has asked me to do a review of one of their straightening irons and since I use a flat iron almost everday I'm really looking forward to it!!

  7. Michelle-- LOL! I'm not wearing a cami underneath. i am wearing a nude bra so it blends in with my skin tone nicely.

    Julie-- you are more than welcome!

    Callandra-- can't wait to see your review! i'm sure they have amazing flat irons too.

  8. The pants look nice with those pumps. Great hair tips. I also need volume.

  9. I like your volume step by step! And I adore the red pants with the leopard shoes. In theory it sounds like such a va va voom combo but it's very wearable when on you.

  10. Great review Ping! Although I hate heavy dryers as you mentioned, my arems would get tired. And I'm sure it would take me much longer to dry and straighten my hair!

    Those red pants look great on you - I can't tell that there is a fit issue at all.

  11. That shirt is gorgeous! And although I don't think I could ever pull off red jeans but they look great on you. :)

  12. That white lace top is so flattering on you!

  13. you look hot drying your hair :) i like your red skinnies too! you rock those super skinnies girl i really like your top too

    angie of pandaphilia fashion

  14. The way you blow your hair is very sexy. :)

    Love your ouftit. You have very good figure!

  15. Love the outfit. I just bought a pair of red jeans myself . Hopefully, I look half as good as you !! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am your new follower now. :)


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