Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Boot and Eyelash Extensions

I been searching for fitted black suede boots for the last couple years and I have never really found one that fit my calves perfectly. I went to the Nordstroms Anniversary sale a few weeks ago and spotted these Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Stretch Suede Boot. I tried them on and couldn't believe how well they fit around my calves. Although they are a tad expensive I decided to jump the gun because I know that I'd wear the hell out of them all year round!

Free People Dress. Size 0. (similar here)
Free People Sweater. Size XS. (similar here & here)
Alexis Bittar Silver Crystal Encrusted Rhodium Horseshoe Necklace. (Gold color here)
Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Stretch Suede Boot. Size 5. For reference, I normally wear a size 5.5 and these ran about 1/2 size too big. My calves circumference is 11.75". These are super comfy to wear for hours (have worn them to work and shopping).

I been wanting to get eyelash extensions for the longest time!! I finally decided to do it and am really happy about it!
Here are pictures of what my REAL eyelashes look like. They are extremely short, thin and sparse. *sigh*

Below are pictures of me with lash extensions and I'm not wearing any eye makeup at all.
If you are unfamiliar with lash extensions, it is basically the process of where individual synthetic lashes get adhered to your real lashes. With care and maintenance, these lashes should stay on for few weeks. After that, you can get refills for the lashes that have fallen off.
Although I wanted them too look more full and voluminous, I am still really happy with the results.

What I love:
The extensions look really natural and look like they are my own lashes!
It eliminates having to put on any eye makeup therefore cutting down the time to get ready in the morning.
It definitely open the eyes and make they appear bigger.
You can can get these wet and they won't come off or change its shape! I wished I had these when I went on my Cabo trip.
My bf thinks they're hot (haha...he told me to put that!)

What I don't love:
They are really expensive and need refills after 3-4 weeks.
I wanted lashes to look more full, but since I don't have many real lashes it wasn't possible to adhere more synthetic lashes.
If you were to wear makeup on the eyes, you can't wear anything that is waterproof because waterproof remover weakens the glue and makes the lashes fall off.
You have to be gentle with them and be cautious not to rub your eyes because the lashes might fall off if you do.
It took about 90mins to have these lashes put on.


  1. Wow- I can't believe you're not wearing any eye make up in the after photos! What a difference they make. I have been wanting to try eyelash extensions for a long time too but just can't justify the price, especially because of how delicate they are. I'm always rubbing my eye (horrible I know). Maybe the next time a groupon comes out for it!

    Hope you had a great weekend Ping!

  2. Great review on the boots and lashes. I really like the after look although I know you wanted more voluminous. I didn't realize it would depend on how many natural lashes we had to start with, but duh that makes sense. HA - oh Tim, of course he'd like them. Give us an update on how you've liked maintaining these a few weeks later, please!

  3. Love your new boots! They look great on you! I love the slouch at the ankles! I splurged on Stuart Weitzman boots about three years back...I think these are basically the same that I have, just a new season. I love them! Totally worth the price! I was able to get mine in the $300 price range, too!

    Your lashes are great! 90 minutes is a long time! Glad you are happy with the results!!

    And I am loving your feathers!!

  4. So glad you posted about the eyelash extensions! I've been thinking about getting them for a couple weeks now but haven't seen too many reviews from girls with Asian eyes. They turned out great! Keep us updated on how they fare over the next few weeks.

    Also, the boots are gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow! I had no idea lash extensions could help you avoid eye makeup. You look so great in them - simultaneously natural and like your eyes are lined. I think I would have a problem with not rubbing my eyes though - I do it all the time.

    What a great find on the boots - they fit you perfectly!!

  6. The extensions do make a big difference! I love the after look on you. I am glad you’re happy with the way it turned out.

    As for your boots, they look pretty awesome. I always have a hard time finding a pair of boots that fits my calves. I am going to keep this in mind when shopping for boots later this year. It’s too hot right now to think about boots =)

  7. Thank you so much for posting about your extensions!! I will look into this for me because I love how it cuts out time it takes to get ready in the morning ;) Regarding your boots...looks like they fit you perfectly! I think you will be so glad you grabbed them while they were available for sure!

  8. lovee those boots! they look great with your dress! I love getting eyelash extensions but they get so pricey :S

  9. I love love your lashes and your gorgeous Free People dress! You are my fav Free People guru! <3

  10. Damn, I can't believe I missed this post and I have to read your update! I'm getting these done soon...I've been reading up on everything and yeah the waterproof makeup thing sucks and I don't think I will spend the money to get them refilled :P

    Those boots look amazing on you! Ummm...what's the weather like for you? Fall outfits already? ;)

  11. I have the same Free People dress in red! I wanted the purple one too but they ran out... It looks fabulous on you!

  12. Hi! I read your blog often and I remember when you got lash extensions. So I searched and found this post :) I am curious-- how much did they cost? and how long did yours approximately stay on for? I'm thinking of getting them done soon cus I, too, have short little non-existent lashes >_<


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