Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ann Taylor: A Very Successful Round 2

Saddened by my last Ann Taylor order from this post, I decided to place another order. I'm much more happy with the 2nd round of stuff. I purchase all these items with a 40% discount as well.

Ann Taylor Lace Detailed Stretch Silk Shell. Size 00P.
I really really wanted to like this top and keep it but, unfortunately the fit around the bust area just doesn't look right. It's hard to tell in the pics, but the darts on the bust is placed very low. You can tell the bust area looks messy and just off. If it wasn't for that issue, this shell would be a keeper. It's absolutely beautiful and I love that it's made of silk.

I had an anonymous reader ask me about the pumps I wore from the last AT post. They are the Rocha pumps from Nine West and I am wearing it here (in pic above and below). My normal size is a size 5.5, but I had to go down to a 5.

Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse. 00P.
I love everything about this blouse and I swear it looks even better in person. The sleeves are perfect and not too long at it. It's blouse-y, but not excessively blouse-y in a big way. It looks great tucked in or not. The drape scarf/collar is detachment so you can wear it with or without it. I think it's look either way you wear it. I'm definitely keeping this and see myself wearing it with lots of outfits.

Ann Taylor Double-Ribbed Trim Cardigan. Size XXSP. Color lime leaf.
I am in love with this cardigan. The color is so pretty and not too bright. The fit is pretty perfect, I can't find anything really to complain about. It also feels really soft and cozy. It's a great sweater for the fall to keep you warm because it's neither too thin or too thick. Looks great buttoned or no buttoned.

Ann Taylor Doubleweave Stretch Wool Pencil Skirt. Size 00P.
I like this skirt a lot and I'm indecisive about keeping or returning it so your input would be helpful.
This is a nice quality skirt with lining inside. It's very comfortable to wear and the is appropriate for the office. I wished it was a tad slimmer on the sides. There is a slight waist gap, but nothing terrible. Overall, I think the skirt looks pretty nice. I'm undecided if I want to keep it due to the waist gap. What do you ladies think: return it, alter it or wear it as is?


  1. I love the drapey blouse. Does the scarf look ok as a loose bowtie? Will it cost too much to get the skirt altered? It looks so good on you. Do you think the shell will work if you have the shoulder straps pulled up/shortened?

  2. Canadianpetite-- no the scarf is connected to the collar so you can't do anything with it. I thought about getting the shell altered too, but if you pull up the straps the lace will move up too and I don't think that will look right.

  3. I really like the blouse and the cardigan, Ping. You mentioned the color is lime leaf, but online AT website has no lime leaf color. Instead it has sage. Is that the same?

  4. Vicky-- now i'm confused! i just looked at the site and it says sage. i'm looking at my online invoice and the color says lime leaf. i remember the sage color being more olive green.

  5. What black necklace is that? I like!

    Love how the drape front top is like a two styles in one top. I didn't notice that one online or in stores. For the skirt, I say return or keep and alter. It will sit higher on your waist, be an inch shorter, and fit better all around with a waist take-in. Don't settle for wearing it as-is!

  6. The blouse and the cardigan are clearly the winners. They both look very lovely on you. I agree with Jean, if you're going to keep it, I think you should alter it. That's how AT's skirts usually fit me, just a tad bit all around and I do not like it. I usually just wear them as is because I don't want to pay for alterations. Fitted skirts do make a major difference.

    I got the package yesterday. Thank you so much, Ping! You're the best. If you ever need anything from me, please let me know. Hopefully, the husband and I will make to SF next year.

  7. Jean-- the necklace is by FP and I got it awhile ago. see this post for closer pics:

    You are definitely right that if I got the waist slimmed down, it will sit higher and also make the skirt appear shorter.

    Sydney-- AT skirts are so hard. I have yet to find one to fit just right. And you are more than welcome!! I hope you do visit SF!!

  8. No offense but the blouse in the first post makes you look like you have chest hair and armpit hair! But on the good side I think it fits you well. :)

  9. I have to admit, my first thoughts were the same as SoShoeMe! I did a double take, knowing you are not the kind of girl to go au-natural in I didn't think "chest hair" at first, but now that she mentioned it...:P

    Definitely get the skirt altered if you plan to keep. It'll look so much more polished it if fits you to a T.

  10. Second time is always the charm. You look adorable in everything.

  11. ooh that drapey blouse is just gorgeous, I love that the drape part can be removed too! Looking great as always Ping, glad this order worked out for you!

  12. Did you see the blue drapey blouse too? I am on the hunt for that one:) The fit is perfect on you!!! I wish their skirts rans smaller. You got some great stuff!

  13. SoShoeMe & Kelly -- LOL! Good thing I didn't keep it.

    Girlie Blog and Elaine -- thanks! :)

    ReallyPetite-- Yes I did. The blue is really pretty too!

  14. hahaha, i didn't even really think of that blouse that way til soshoeme & kelly mentioned it.

    same opinion as jean.

    you already know i love the long cardi. I need to see the buttons up close.

  15. these AT finds did work out a lot better! i love the cardigan and the color is so pretty! as for the skirt, i agree with Jean -- alter it so that the waist is slimmer. it'll be much more flattering sitting about an inch higher!

    cute & little

  16. Hey Ping!!

    Return the last skirt! Glad the first shirt is a return...I love lace details, but those just look a little odd...very distracting!

    Love, love, love the blouse! The neckline is detachable!? Amazing!

    And you look amazing in that cardigan!!

  17. I would return the skirt if it doesn't fit right. I'm pretty sure you could find a skirt like that at a different store that would fit better. I love the button up sweater and the drap front blouse, but I'm not digging the black shell.

  18. You so petite! I'm sure anything and everything looks great on you but it's hard finding the right fit. Love your post and sharing what you got in different outfits.


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