Monday, September 5, 2011

Curling and Straightening hair with Hana Professional Flat Iron 1"

Remember this post I did awhile back? I was so impressed by the The Hana Air Professional hair dryer sent to me from Misikko, I decided to give the Hana Professional 1" flat iron a try.
I have been wanting a flat iron to curl my hair because I think a flat iron gives more beach-y like waves as opposed to a regular curling iron that gives more tighter curly ringlets.

I love the messier waves that was created by the Hana 1" flat iron. I think the look is definitely more casual cool!

How I curled my hair with the Hana Professional 1"
flat iron:

I applied a heat protectant all over my hair and clipped half of my hair up with a claw. I grabbed a fairly large piece of hair because I wanted larger waves. I place the flat iron half way down that piece of hair and wrapped the hair around flat iron just once and pulled it through fairly quickly. I feel like if you do it slowly, it will create tighter curls which I didn't want. After I'm done with the lower half of the hair, I un-clipped the top of of my hair and just repeated the same thing.

I used to watch my hair stylist to this to my hair and it looked fairly difficult. I used to think my curling iron was easier, but after using a flat iron to curl my hair, I find it more easy and quick. I'd say this look took me no more than 5 mins to achieve.

Before picture: What my hair looks like when I don't do anything to it at all. That is how my hair dries. So ugly! I would not dare to walk out of the house like that. Hope it didn't scare you. Haha!

After Picture: What my hair looks like after I flat iron it. It looks so much better right?!? The flat iron makes my hair so much shinier, softer and smoother.

How I flat iron my hair:

I'm really lazy and I find the method above to be really quick, easy and fool proof.
First I put a heat protectant all over my hair. I clip half of my hair up and then flat iron the bottom half of my hair. After I'm done with the bottom half of my hair, I let the top part down and flip my head upside down. I find that by flipping my head upside down, I can straighten the hair by the face and the crown much easier. After I'm done doing that, I just re-flat iron any pieces of hair that looks out of place. This method probably takes me 2-3mins tops.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find these tips to be helpful!


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I the waves that a flat iron gives vs. a curling iron.

  2. the loose curls look great ping! you are a master hair stylist haha

  3. I like this blog so much I hope you can check out mine.

  4. Flipping your head down is such a brilliant idea! I could never do the hair back hairs quite right. I'm slapping my forehead in stupidity as the idea never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip (esp. for equally lazy girls like me)!

  5. I love the beachy waves created by the flat iron! I don't think I'm capable of doing something like that LOL.

  6. Looks great! Love the beach-y curl look! Thanks for sharing! will try this one coz I'm too bored with my life-less hair!

  7. I love it! Your curls are beautiful. You should try the crimping method I posted a while back! Volumizes like crazzyyy :P

  8. Wow, the before pictures looks like me all the time. Haha, I probably need to invest in a flat iron. I hope it's not that hard!


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