Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aritzia - T.Babaton Bromley Military Coat

I try to go to Aritzia as infrequently as possible because every time I go in there, I spend a butt load of money. I picked up this coat (in size XXS) & a blazer. I read that a lot of teen in Canada shop at Aritzia, but honestly I don't know how they could afford it! When I was a teen or in college, the only place I shopped at was F21 or Papaya (a cheaper version of F21). Haha!

Anyway, it's still pretty warm in SF (about 70 degree-ish), but I just wanted to prepare myself for the cold weather. I get cold easily (and I mean I have my room set at 80 degrees at all times) and really want a thick winter coat when the times comes.

I went to Aritzia because I know they have really nice quality coats. I tried on a few and ended up loving this coat (wearing size XXS) and the Howell Peacoat. I decided on this because I love that you can cinch the waist. I also thought this would be more versatile since it's longer. This would be a nice length coat to wear with dresses as well.
Another blogger (CanadianPetite) also posted about this coat, see her wear it here.

What I do love about the coat is that it is really thick and heavy. It's nicely lined and definitely well made. What I'm having an issue with is that the sleeves are too long! I really wanted to get the sleeves shortened and brought it to my tailor. Unfortunately she doesn't do alterations on heavy coats.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to shortened sleeves on a heavy coat like this? If there are any SF readers out there, please recommend a good alterations place to get the sleeves shortened.

Considering the coat cost $350 (plus SF 8.5% tax) + alterations, do you think that this coat is worth keeping or should I just return it and move on to find something better? And you know what sucks, Aritzia has a 10 day return policy so I have to think quick.


  1. I've had my Artizia parka for almost 6 years now.. and still going strong!

  2. Holy cow!! 10 day return policy?!? That is insane!!

    I am no expert on I have no clue if the amount of money you spent is typical. I do love the color, though! And the thick belt!

    I also love how you edited your photos!

    Speaking of spending a butt load of money...Free People will be opening up in Vegas mid-November now! Eek!

  3. I have about 6 or 7 jackets/coats from Aritzia and they have all held up sooo well. I find their wool ones quite warm for the milder West Coast winters. I think if you can get the sleeves shortened for a reasonable price, I'd keep it.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. By looking at these pictures, the coat looks really nice. Shoulders fit you nicely. I also love the length on you. However, I don't think it worth keeping for something costs that much but isn't perfect.

  5. That's a REALLY nice quality coat that will probably be in style forever and can go with almost any outfit - I would keep it!

  6. I love the coat. But it is very expensive. I'd wait a week and if you are still thinking of it, then get it. Just my opinion.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. The answer to why we moved away was that we wanted a more liberal environment and more opportunities.

  7. It's such a classic coat and it's really nice!! But for that much money, maybe it's better off to return it and find something that fits perfectly, sleeves and all. :) It'll definitely be more worth it!

  8. I think the coat is very cute, but the sleeves are definitely way too long. If you really love the coat, then I say it's worth it to shell out for alterations, but if you're on the fence, take it back! Aritzia has lots of other great coats :)

  9. I don't know how teens in Canada shop there either! I'm an adult in Canada and their prices make me cry LOL!

    That coat looks beautiful on you...but do you need such a heavy coat for your climate? If you do decide to keep I think it will be worth it to get the sleeves taken up for sure!

  10. omg! I bought the exact same coat the other day except i got mine in black.I am still debating whether or not I should keep it. The quality and the fit is amazing but it comes with the price and I am still deciding if I can afford this coat and if it is worth it. I would def. keep the coat, especially since it is camel, which is hard to look nice when the material is cheap.

  11. Michelle-- I know, it's terrible. They have really pushy sales ppl too. Ohh can''t wait for you to have a FP in Vegas! heehee!

    allison*elle-- thanks for letting me know!

    Sydney-- I know what you mean. I go back and forth about this coat. It should fit perfect for $350!

    Elaine -- I totally know what you mean! It does get cold in SF during the winter. Some nights are in the 30-40s. I'm not sure about other people, but anything below 50 is freezing to me. LOL!

    Anon--Oh I'd love to see how the coat fits you! Feel free to send me pics and I'll post it along with these pics here.

  12. Thanks Ping for the mention. Coat looks fab on you! I wish you had included a pic of the collar standing up - I may reconsider buying it again.
    My tailor would have charged $20 from her home-based business which is half of the price from alteration shops.
    Their 10-day policy gets me too (as well as their lock-up-my-purse-as-I-try-on-outfits policy). I hope you find a tailor quickly whose price suits you.

  13. The coat is pricey for what it is and doesn't look that warm (only because I live in Toronto and wouldn't use that as a winter coat. lol!). I'm not a huge HUGE fan of the colour on you. You can definitely find something better for that price.

    And you're right about the teenagers in Canada - they LOVE Aritzia. Especially the TNA brand so I would stay away from that brand to avoid being mistaken for a teen. ; ) Dunno how they afford it though.. good question. Probably spoiled brats or little thieves. LOL Not even kidding.

  14. I think it's a nice coat too but I think the sleeves are too long and belt too wide for your petite size. I'd say return. I think you could find something better (and cheaper)! Good luck!


  15. I have the same problem with Aritzia...everytime I step in I leave with $200-300 worth of dangerous!

    I love how the coat fits on you, but not a fan of the colour, but that's my personal preference. My sister recently had her Mackage wool coat sleeves shortened for ~$25, but yours may be more expensive b/c you might need to move the cuffs up too. I have 2 Talula wool coats, they've held up over the years but I don't find that they're very warm for Toronto weather, but maybe just right for SF. Plus I haven't been able to find decent wool coats for less than $300, other cheaper items I have pile very easily.

    Yes, there's a lot of teenagers shopping at Aritzia in Canada, but they are mostly buying TNA items! Plus, I have a feeling those teenage girls shop in packs (like wolves) and are a bit like mallrats, so they just loiter, and their presence in Aritzia is always very noticeable...I doubt Aritzia makes most of their money off teenagers, they're making it off us!

  16. I think by the time I'm writing this, you have already decided to return the coat. However, I wanted to share some thoughts anyways while is "watching" sunday football. This coat for me passes the open & close test -- meaning it looks good both ways. but I did notice it might be too big at the armpits. this is exactly what happened w/my soia & kyo coat, but was too costly to fix so I lived w/it bc i bought it from GILT. my tailor charged me $35 to shorten the sleeves.

  17. I live in the Bay Area (San Mateo), and I always take my more expensive coats (meaning anything over $100) to Essy's in Pleasanton. I know it's a drive but it's worth the potential heartache of a cheap Asian tailor butchering your stuff (which happened to me). He's an Italian tailor who specializes in jacket alterations and to date he's altered four of my jackets perfectly. His prices aren't cheap, but I think they're fair. For significant sleeve shortening like yours, he will probably charge around $40-$50 because he'll have to take it from the top and bottom to keep the look.

    The body of the jacket fits you so well I'd be tempted to keep it, though $350 is a bit steep for a non-designer brand. Anyway, good luck!


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