Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AT Purchase with 40% off & Stackable Discount

I honestly thought I was not going to purchase anything from Ann Taylor for awhile until I saw Elle's post. I seriously am easily persuaded by discounts and promos. LOL.

Here are the discount code thanks to Elle!
40% off everything with no codes need
Use code 51100001016 for an additional 30% off full priced items (purchase has to be over $100).
With sale items, use ATCARES at checkout for 20%/25% off (with AT/LOFT card).

Everything is full price so I used the code 51100001016 for an additional 30% off .

I'm not keeping all 3 black dresses, but I am looking for a simple little black dress that is appropriate for work. Hopefully one of them will work. Also since everything is such a good deal, I also wanted to pick up a few basic items for layering.

1. Petite 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress . Size 00P. Black. $53.76 after discount.
2.Petite 3/4 Sleeve Side Tie Knit Dress. Size 00P. Black. $53.76 after discount.
3. Petite Modern Shift Dress. Size 00P. Black. $62.16 after discount.
4.Cotton Long Sleeve Perfect Shirt with Satin Placket. Size 00P. White. $28.56 after discount.
5.Petite Mixed Media Print Shell. Size XXSP. Black. $20.16 after discount.
6.Petite Pleated Wrap Top. Size XXSP. Indigo Ink. $24.36 after discount.
7. Petite Crew Neck Cardigan. Size XXSP. Black. $28.56 after discount.
8.Petite Overlapping Placket Long Sleeve Blouse. 00P. Crisp Nougat. $32.76 after discount.


  1. Wow, that's a huge order from AT! I agree with you that discounts and deals are hard to pass up! Now I am tempted to go buy another pair of perfect pumps!! :)

  2. Which color did you order for the Crew Neck Cardigan? I have it in mustard and love it! Hope these items will work out for you =)

  3. Megan -- I know it looks like a lot of stuff, but i'm pretty sure that half the stuff will go back given AT track record with me....lol!

    Sydney-- I got the black one...I'm so boring!

  4. Hello. I tried using the code for 30% off but it only took off like 18%. Are you sure it works?

  5. Hi Anon -- Yes, it worked when I bought the stuff yesterday. I'm looking at my invoice and it looks like I got both discount.

    For ex: Cotton Long Sleeve Perfect Shirt with Satin Placket is $68. With 40% off, it comes out to be $40.80 and with the additional 30%, it comes out to be $28.56. That's the exact price on my invoice.

  6. @Anonymous, the extra 30% code only works for full price items. Check to see if you also have some sales items in your bag - the discount won't work on sales items. HTH. :)


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