Friday, September 14, 2012

40% Off Everything at LOFT (& Petite Marisa Drapey Ankle Pants)

Hi Ladies! I'm a sucker for sales. Loft is running a promo of 40% off everything on Saturday!! I picked up these Marisa Drapey Ponte Ankle Pants (00P in Dark Grey Melange) last weekend and am thinking about getting a few more items because of the sale. 
I have already worn these pants 2x to work in the same week. I hope nobody noticed! Heehee. They are currently at the tailor because the waist needs to be taken in. Other than that, I have no complaints. It is a relaxed fit and the ponte material has a nice weight too.

Aritzia Blazer. Size 0. (similar here)
H&M Blouse. Size 2. (similar here)
Arturo Chang Pumps. Size 6. I used to buy shoes that were too big for me and stuffed them with pads or insoles. Not a good idea because the shoes always end up slipping off my feet when I walk.

My picks:


  1. Did you wind up buying more? I'm interested in the colors you'd choose :)

    1. When I finally got around to making the purchase, the cheetah skirt was sold out. I ended up not getting anything.

  2. So glad you got those pants! They look great sans the waist part. Btw I want your white blazer. haha

  3. Lol! You can definitely get away with wearing the same pants more than once in a week. I love the texture/look of them.

    I stayed away from this sale. I want me some free shipping and an additional percent off!! :p Then I will go for the ballet flats I bought over the summer...loving those for work!

  4. i love the pants! i'm gonna have to check out the loft! <3


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