Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corso Como Dabria Pumps

Hello everyone and happy weekend! I missed you all and feel like I've been away for awhile. I was sick a few weekend's ago, after eating raw oysters at a very nice restaurant (I won't say which). I ended up going to the ER due to excruciating pain in my abdominal area. They ended up doing a few tests on me and also administered a dose of morphine for the pain! This was the first time I ever had morphine and I remember telling the nurse, I'm a light weight so please don't give me too much. The nurse laughed and said I've never had anyone say that before. Normally people ask for the full dose or to give them more. LOL. It definitely made my stomach feel better, but the morphine also made me throw up.
A few days later, the SF health department ended up calling me and left a message on my phone to call them back. I was freaking out and thought I caught a disease. It ended being just a virus from eating raw oysters and it eventually went away on its on. Whew!
So if you live in the Bay Area, I'd be careful when eating oysters. I can't remember the term, but the guy from the SF Health department said this virus in oysters tends to grow more prevalently during the summer time.
Last weekend, I caught the flu after hanging out with my friend Karen. I was sick as a dog and stayed home coughing my lungs out. But this weekend, I am feeling much better and almost free of illnesses!
It's been nice being able to go out and eat whatever I want and also enjoy my free time.
I am also back to full speed in my shopping. Heehee! Lots of reviews to come.
H&M Shirt (old). Size 2. (similar here & here)
Ann Taylor Skirt. Size 00P / altered. (similar here)
Nordstrom Corso Como Dabria Pumps. Size 5.5.

I saw these pumps at Nordstrom and immediately was very drawn to it because of the navy blue color and almond toes. I've been wanting something semi-dressy to wear with work clothes, but casual enough to wear with jeans and these pumps definitely fit the bill. The chain links give visual interest and makes these pump stand out from the rest. I also love that these pumps are made of quality leather that is also so soft and buttery. I've never owned a pair of Corso Como before, but have always heard great things from my friend Elle at FF&FF.
I wore these pumps today for a few hours and have to say they are so comfortable and are so nicely padded! The padding makes my feet feel like they are resting on layers of soft pillows. The heel height is a little less than 3.5" high. In terms of sizing they do run very true, but are a bit snug around the top of the toe area. Since it's leather, I'm pretty sure it will stretch out after a few wears, so the snugness around the top of the toe area shouldn't be an issue.
I am happily keeping these and would highly recommend! :)


  1. Glad to hear you are better, Ping! I've also wanted to try corso como pumps because I heard they are great for wide feet.

  2. How awful!! And then you got sick again! Ack! Glad you are finally feeling better! You have been missed!

    Love those navy shoes! The padding looks great.

  3. good to hear ur better now!!!
    love the outfit and he heels are adorable! <3

  4. Sorry to hear you were so sick, but glad that you're almost back at 100%! Love the casual denim button up paired with the more dressy skirt.

  5. Glad you're better now, Ping! I'm relieved that the oysters I had in SF didn't cause any problems or that wouldn't have been good.

  6. Those look so comfy and cute! I have heard good things about that brand as well.

  7. that is the one thing i learned from elle's reviews. that these puppies are padded like a dream. better than the cole haan's w/nike air technology, if u ask me.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!!!


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