Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I love?

I have to say I love each item on its own. I wear the earrings, the polka dot sweater, the skinny jeans, the cross shoulder bag or wedges every chance I get. I thought, why not wear everything I love all together?
Why I love...

my J Crew Outlet Sweater (size xxs & similar here)? 
Because I love polka dots and it's goes with everything. So easy and comfy to wear...what's not to love?

UO BDG Grazer Mid-Rise Jean (size 24 & in vintage denim, black & ocean blue)? 
Because it fits my waist and is the perfect inseam for me. No alterations needed!

I love the color. I also love the fact that it frees up my hands to shop.

my wedges (old and from BP) (similar)? 
I haven't worn them in so long because the soles were wearing down. I finally got them resoled and am wearing the crap of out them again.  

F21 earrings?  Because it makes me feel pretty and put together the instant I put them on.


  1. So lovely, Ping! All of your favorites go together well. :)

  2. cute purse & I love how you paired the red crossbody & polka dot top!


  3. i love love love love love this outfit!!!!! katejones.me

  4. Was happy to see an outfit post from you on my dashboard! :) Loving that sweater! And those jeans look amazing on you!

  5. I love your hair color! May I kindly ask where you got it done? I want to try ombre hair but want to go to someone that does it well. It looks gorgeous on you, especially for fall! :) (by the way, the outfit looks great too!)

    1. Thank you! I go to Mola Raxakoul in Burlingame. Yelp her.

  6. i know, i love crossbody bags. makes life so much easier.

  7. All the items you love creates one beautiful outfit.

  8. Perfect outfit...totally something I would wear too! =) I want that bag!


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