Monday, June 3, 2013

Bikinis On A Budget (Starting at $19) -- Updated

 Believe it or not, I've been scouring the web and B&M stores for months looking for cute and affordable bikinis. I'm not sure if prices of bikinis have risen recently, but most popular retailers are carrying such high end pieces. I can't imagine paying $100 for a bikini top or bikini bottom, especially since it's not something I can wear on a daily basis. When I go to lower end stores like H&M, the design of their bikini are cute but the fit is less than desirable.
I'm very picky about fit since I'm very flat chested and can't wear tops that don't have much support or padding. When it comes to bikini bottoms, I feel that most full coverage bottoms tend to look like diapers on a petite frame like me. I like bottoms with less coverage and on the skimpier side because they are more proportionate friendly for someone my size.
The bikinis above are made by O'Neil. I purchased them via and Prices vary between both sites, so I'd recommend doing a little math before deciding which to purchase from with promotions and shipping fees in mind. Zappos offers free shipping + returns with any purchase while Pacsun charges $5 unless your order is $50 or more. The current promo with code MEM15 (ends 6/3): 15% off your order and free shipping with purchases $50+ from Pacsun.
  • 1. O'Neill In Love Bandeau Top (via Pacsun or Zappos) XS- This top was very cute in person and I love the side boning and padding for extra support. Unfortunately I'm not keeping this as it ran very wide. I think this (in XS) would fit someone with bust measurement 32" or bigger. Returned.
  • 2. O'Neill In Love Cinched Basic Bottom (via Pacsun or Zappos) XS - I am in love with this bottom! It's super adorable with cinching on the back and makes the butt appear very bubbly and uplifted. This sits low on the hips and coverage is on the cheekier side, but not in a skanky way. I am happily keeping!
  • 3. O'Neill In Love Tie Side Bottom XS. - I love the side ties as they add a touch of sexiness and also are practical for self adjusting. This also sits low on the hips and with skimpy coverage on the back. I am also keeping this one.
  • 4. O'Neill Solid V-Bandeau Top XS. I've been wanting a bright yellow bikini and this one fits the bill with support and padding. I haven't received this yet, but I think the fit will be similar to the bandeau so I'm most likely returning this.[*Update -- On the contrary to my original thought, this top actually fits quite nice due to the adjustable drawstring in the back. The top is also very lightly padded and the padding can also be removed. I am keeping this one!)
  • 5. O'Neill Solid Cinched Basic Bottom (via Pacsun or Zappos) XS. I haven't received this one, but I'm guessing the fit will be exactly like #2. I'm pretty sure I will be keeping!
Since I am keeping so many O'Neil bottoms, I decided to order some tops from Victoria's Secret since they have always fit me really well in the past (can't say the same for their bottoms). They are having a sale so most tops are pretty cheap and meet the criteria I'm looking for (padding, support and lots of pushup!).  I haven't received any of the items below, but I'm pretty confident most would fit. My plan is to keep the best fitting 2-3 and return the rest.
  • 6. Push Up Bandeau Top (color Sour Yellow) XS -- This material and the under wire made cups very stiff. The cup did not conform to the shape of my breasts, therefore causing gapping. This was a return for me.
  • 7. Fabulous Push Up Triangle Top (color Cantaloupe Craze) 32A -- IRL, the color is more bright and a little neon vs the one on the model. It's still really cute and I love the ruffle edges. The top has medium padding and under wire cups which provides great support! A keeper!
  • 8. Push Up Halter (color Cabana Green) XS - The color is just as pictured on the model. I didn't expect to like this halter top as much as I do. It's padded really well so this top will definitely give you a very nice boost. The padding is removable though if you prefer a more natural look.
  • 9. Beach Sexy Braided-strap Push-Up Bandeau (color Cabana Green) 32A -- The cups were small and shallow. Made me a bit self conscious about exposing too much, so this was a return for me.
  • 10. Forever Sexy BioFit Top (color Fire Coral) 32A - I was torn about keeping this one as the fit was quite nice! It also comes with 2 sets of straps so you can wear it as a halter or as spaghetti straps. My only issue is that the color only matched one of my bikini bottoms and I'd prefer it to be more versatile. I decided to return this one.
  • The  bandeau bikini top from Asos (32A) was a return for me! The cups were not sewn  together well which caused the stitching in the middle part of the cup to ripple. It also ran a little big. Victoria's Secret tops are definitely better in quality!
If there are any other brands that you think I should try out (meeting my criteria of fit and price), please do let me know!!


  1. Will someone be wearing these suits poolside with me? :)

    Your diaper comment about bottoms with lots of coverage is so true.

    Have you tried out Roxy?

  2. LoL! I do like Roxy, but seems like they don't make xs (or mb sold out?).

  3. I've been searching high and low for swimsuits as well but am only looking into one-piece swimsuits. The baby pouch is still there *sigh*. Have you tried out ASOS? They have so many cute options.

  4. ping, i'm totally gonna order #7 bc of you. Thanks babe.

    wait, no white? aaw, sucks. but it's ok , I can order some other colors.

    hey, when u get a chance can u send me a cam pic of the true cantaloupe color?

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