Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Too Short

It's funny that I'm posting this because Jean and I just had a convo today about how we prefer things that are not too short or tight. A few years ago, I'd have welcomed most tight form fitting dresses but these days I feel a tad too old for them. Maybe I have outgrown them because my lifestyle doesn't involve going to the bars or clubbing anymore. Well, I still go to the bars but not the same type that requires that kind of attire. I love this  dress from Asos, but realized that I could only wear it for special occasions like date nights. What's also annoying about a too short dress is that you have to be extra careful when sitting and making sure you cross yours legs correctly and everything is covered. Just too much work! Originally the length was really long and hit below the knees (see my review here) and I got over zealous and trimmed off a little more than I'd like to. It would have been better and more appropriate for everyday if it was at least 3-4" longer. Another lesson learned! On a tangent, you know what else I learned this week? Umm...not to eat too much watermelon in one sitting because it made me so sick!
  Asos Tulip Dress With Waterfall Skirt c/o (Size 2 regular) - Looks like they have just restocked all their sizes! I highly recommend this dress, but just don't shorten it so much like I have!
H&M Blazer. (similar here)
Coach cross-body. (similar here)
F21 Necklace. (similar here)
  BP.  'Trolley' Ankle Boot. Size 5. Cognac leather. Sized down 1/2 size.

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  1. I actually like how much you hacked off the dress. It is flowy, so even if you feel it is short it is not as bad if it were skin tight and short.

    Lol! about the watermelon! I just got done restraining myself from eating more Gorgonzola mac and cheese. :)

  2. i am definitely conscious of the length of my skirts and dresses... if i was in my 20's i'd still rock them.. but in my 30's? nah~


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