Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vegas Experience : Part 2

I wanted to share with you the last few more pictures from my recent stay and dining experience in Vegas.
Left: H&M Top (similar)/Shorts (super cute lace version) | F21 Necklace | Cathy Jeans Sandals 5.5
Right:: VS Push Up Halter XS| O'Neil Bottoms XS| VS Sandals
We go to Vegas every year just because it's close and we always have a really good time when we are there. I think of Vegas as an adult version of Disneyland. This is our first time staying at the MGM (pic above) and we got a really good deal for a Petite King Room from for a nightly average of $112 (Wed-Sat) not including tax or resort fees. The room is on the smaller size compared to other rooms I've stayed at in Vegas, but I do love the modern amenities and very comfy pillows and bed. The hotel is very big so you have to do quite a bit of walking to get to their pool, casino or restaurants. If you plan on staying at the MGM, I'd recommend requesting a room  close to the elevator. The highlight of the hotel is definitely the pool and lazy river area, but the downside was that the drinks were $8-17! 
Out of all the meals I had, my favorite was definitely dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel. The restaurant is usually pretty packed and busy so I'd definitely recommend making reservations if you don't want to wait. The meal started with a warm french baguette + butter and apple salad (on the house). We ordered the duck confit with fingerling potatoes & escargots for appetizers, the caramelized sea scallops entree and creme brulee for dessert. The duck was very well flavored and moist, but nothing extraordinary. I did really love the escargot and garlicky pesto herb butter it was cooked in. The escargot had a nice bite to it, but tender at the same time. I couldn't help but soak up the remaining sauce with my baguette -- so yummy, my mouth is drooling thinking about it. LOL! The entree with sea scallops were well cooked and so were the vegetables. Normally I hate peas and carrots, but these were extra buttery and tenders and soaking in a creamy pea puree sauce. I always order creme brulee when I see it on the menu. It was good from what I remembered, but wish that the creme brulee was packed into a deeper dish to accommodate for more creme. I feel like I got too much crunch from the burnt sugar and not enough creme from each spoonful. 
For nice ambiance and delicious food, this restaurant was VERY reasonably priced. I'd definitely recommend trying Mon Ami Gabi if you are in Vegas. I'd also go back to try their brunch!
We had buffet at the MGM the first night we were there (included with our stay). The food was nothing noteworthy, but I did enjoy the dessert (left pic). Yes, I ate all 5 myself. Hahaha!
The tiramisu creme dessert (on the right) is from Jean Phillipe Patisserie. I love the contrast of the creme-y texture and the crunch from the ground up Oreo cookies. They have a huge selection of different desserts, so if you have a sweet tooth like me, I'd definitely pay a visit! Originally, I wanted to order gelato and sampled a couple of flavors and thought they weren't very good. I decided on the tiramisu creme instead and it definitely did not disappoint.
It's gotten to be a tradition when we're heading back to SF to go to the Mad Greek Cafe. We don't have too many options when it comes to Greek food in SF, so we always have it when we're leaving Vegas. My bf says this was his favorite meal. I wouldn't go so far to say that, but I have to say their gyro meal is so tender and delicious. Wish had one of these cafes in SF.

That's all I have for Vegas! Please do share your favorite hotel, eats and things to do there. I'd love to hear your recommendations as we love to go to Vegas and try out new places.


  1. I wish we had discovered the lazy river sooner! Would have been fun to float around on a tube with beer in hand. :p And again, your poolside shoes are great!

    I am hungry now...need to head to the kitchen to find something to snack on!

    1. I know! Wished we spent more time in the lazy river! :/

  2. The hotel is amazing -- love modern amenities.

    Didn't make a stop at a buffet on your trip? The only time I've been to Vegas, I *think* the one we went to was at Bellagio's. Good stuff. DH swears by the Sushi Factory, but it's not on the strip, so it's kinda a hassle to get to. I've never been though.

    There are actually a couple Mon Ami Gabis near me! I've only been during brunch and thought it was good. Will have to remember to go for dinner sometime.

    1. I did do dinner buffet at MGM, but nothing worthy of mentioning. It was our first night there and we were too lazy to leave the hotel so we kind of settled. We drove to Vegas for the purpose of being able to drive to local eateries so nothing is out of the way! Heehee. If you end up going to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner, let me know what you order and how you like it! :)

  3. Vegassss !!!!
    It is one place all of us can go again n again .
    The first outfit is great .

    1. Same here! I have been to Vegas more times than I can count, but can go again and again! Something about it is so magical and there's always something to do!


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