Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ann Taylor Reviews on New + Sale Items

I have tried on numerous skirts and blazers from Ann Taylor and have concluded they are just not for me, as most are too big and boxy. On the other hand, I've had better luck with their dresses and feel that they are cut a bit smaller. 
 Petite Painted Stripes Halter Dress. 0P. Available in black & woodcut geo print too.
There wasn't a 00P available, but I tried on the 0P instead for size. I was surprised to see that the 0P was cut so small and the dress almost fits. It was just a tad big in the bust area for me, but it was fine everywhere else so I think the 00P would fit perfectly. This dress is not appropriate for work as it shows too much shoulder, but would definitely be cute for a summer weekend, vacation or wedding! It's partially lined and super lightweight and very easy to wear as it doesn't cling to the body much. I also like that the self tie belt helps cinch in the waist. The only negative I can think of is that you'd have to wear a strapless bra with this dress. Overall, I'd give it thumbs up. 
Petite Paisley Keyhole Dress. 00P. Currently on sale!
This dress gets very positive feedback and I agree with the reviewers as this dress is very flattering and fits very true to size. This dress is fully lined and is a polyester and spandex mix so it drapes very close to the body, but doesn't hug. I can see this piece dressed up for work with a blazer and pumps or worn casually with sandals and a denim jacket. This dress will also transition easily into your fall wardrobe and would be so cute with riding boots. The only con I can think of is that the dress might be too short (esp worn to work) for someone taller.
I really like this dress because of the fit, color and pretty floral print. It's very flattering on the body and the length is very appropriate for work. It's not too tight or loose and although the fabric is thin (like a stretchy cotton t-shirt), it doesn't cling onto your body and show the outline of your under garment. It's also very lightweight so it would be nice for those who have hot summers. Living in SF, our summers are in the 50s-70s. In the fall, it can get quite chilly so I'm not sure I would get too much use out of this dress besides during the warm summer days (which we rarely come by). This dress is also unlined and I feel that the current price is a little much for something so lightweight. I'd consider purchasing on a deep discount.
I have to say this top is adorable and I love a crisp white top for the summer. Most eyelet material can be quite generic, but I thought the zig zag pattern was quite unique. Unfortunately this top was not for me, but would be great on someone with a bigger chest, smaller arms/shoulders and shorter torso. It's not so evident in the picture, but the chest area was quite roomy (I have a 30" chest though). The armholes were surprisingly on the smaller size and normally I have the opposite problem with Ann Taylor tops. I also have a long torso and feel that this top was 2-3" too short for me. This top would be so cute on the right body though! Currently on sale and after discounts, it comes out to be about $36 which is not bad for a fully lined top.
Petite Cotton Eyelet Wrap Dress. 00P. Currently on sale!
I've always loved white dresses, but don't own any because they can be quite difficult to wear. Often times, white fabric tends to be see through and hard to wear because it shows every part of the body. The fabric of the dress is quite nice as it's on the stiffer/thicker side with lining. Due to the A-line shape and the fabric of the skirt, it does add fullness in the hip area. So if you are on the hip-y side, you might not like this dress. For me this dress fits very true to size, but my main complaint is the length. It goes past the knee and while it looks fine with super high heels, I feel that it will look quite frumpy if you were to wear kitten heels or flats with it. I'd recommend this dress for someone who is a couple inches taller than me.


  1. I love the first and last dress on you!! Agree with you that the last dress is a bit too long though :(

  2. Hey,
    great pictures and a sweet outfit :)
    The second dress is my favourite.

  3. Wow love the first few dresses Ping impressed with the fit!

  4. Oh! You should look into getting that first one in cute!


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