Friday, October 8, 2010

Reviews: Ann Taylor Sale Tops and H&M Skirts

I have seen so many petite bloggers wear Ann Taylor, I finally decided to give it a try and take advantage of their sale!! Thank you petite bloggers for introducing me to this. I would have known about Ann Taylor! The store looks so sophisticated and I would never associate sophistication with me (lol!), so I never bothered to stop by. I also used Chloe's coupon codes to get 20% off the entire purchase! YAY!

THE DEAL: Take 20% off your entire purchase of $100+ code: 108026971
THE DEAL: Take 30% off one full-priced item code: 108026901

From Kelly At Alteration Needed: extra 40% off sale items (code: Extra40)

I love this shirt! It's so soft because it's made out of silk. I also really like the zipper detail on the back. I love this shirt so much, I'm wearing it today!! See image on the side panel.
There are shoulder pads! YUCK! I took it off right away.

Ann Taylor Petite Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top. $29.99. XXS (regular). Sophia also review it-- she looks very lovely in it!!!
I love this top and the draping cowl neck line.The top is so soft and I like that it's longer so it's easier to tuck into skirts.

Ann Taylor Pleated Trim Tank. $29.99. XXS (regular). PetiteXXS also reviewed this one in a couple of colors.
No more petite sizes available, so I got the regular one. Too big overall. Returning this one.
I do love the fabric and how soft and stretchy it is!

There were no more petite sizes, so I ordered a regular. It's too big all around. I'm returning this one!
Below are 2 skirts I got from H&M. I bought them without trying it on!
Size 2. $34.95.
I do love the pretty color and the material feels and looks expensive. The skirt is also nicely lined inside. The waist fits well-- not tight or loose. I think it looks a little boxy on me. There is too much material in the hip area and I don't like how it ballons out in the front and back. Returning this one.
See tag below for price and barcodes.

Size 2. $34.95.
This skirt also looked promising. I think it's a little too roomy for me in the hips. The length is also too long for my liking. I do love the lace a lot and the skirt is also nicely lined. I'm also returning this one.
See below for price and barcode details.

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  1. I still like the pink skirt Ping! Even if you have to tell me later I told you so.. I'm still gonna go try it hehe. I just have to see for myself!

  2. LOVE everything you got (with the exception of pleated tank and shirt...way too roomy on you). I can't believe you're returning the skirt! I saw the H&M skirt in the ad and really liked it. It looks cute on you but I get what you are saying about the boxy-ness. Unfortunately the store by my house doesn't carry it. ;( Guess it's not meant for me.
    And that lace skirt looks like one that Cher reviewed today. You are keeping it, right?

  3. Also, I officially hate blogger. This post, for the record, did NOT show up on my reading list. WTF Blogger? Get your act together (sorry Ping, I don't mean to use your comments section to vent)

  4. I LOVE the first two tops so much! And the second skirt up from the bottom :) xx

  5. Yeah what's going on with blogger?!? I'm missing all my daily reads today!

    I love how the first two tops fit you. I really like that lace skirt from H&M - I'm bigger than you so I should see how it fits on me!

  6. my msg got deleted cuz i accidently hit the back button.

    i was saying...

    I considered getting the animal print shirt from AT, but i didn't quite think the print was "animal" enough. hahaha.

    btw, I really like this new side bar app you have of what you're wearing today.

    I own the lace H&M skirt. Definitely thought it woulda fit you better. I'm surprised cuz it fits me to a T!

  7. Sophia-- haha I want you to try it on now, so I can say "I told you so". :P

    Elle--haha yeah blogger was totally annoying today! Glad it went back to normal. I decided to return the lace skirt. I have skirts that fit me better. Its a shamed because I really do love the lace. I think it's a little shapeless on me considering I have some junk in the trunk --lol.

    fashionismyh2o-- thanks girl! i really like that skirt too. i wished it fit me better.

    curls-- i think it would fit you really nice! you should definitely look for it.

    aubrey-- haha not animal enough! i love animal print. glad to see you're liking my side bar -- wearing today. i bought both skirts without trying them on and was sure they'd fit...but that didn't work out so well. btw you should start a blog -- i'd love to see all your outfits and shopping finds!

  8. Those first two items look gorgeous on you! I love the pants and heels you are wearing, as well!

  9. You look amazing in the leopard and silver shirts!! Also I really want that lace skirt...I'm so mad there's not an H&M near me!

  10. Woo, you have crossed over into the side of Ann Taylor! their stuff is hit or miss with the sizing. I'm shocked the XXS draped top fits that well on you! Now I'm eyeing it with the current coupons.

    Oh, I really like the first top. My coworker wore it today and I snapped some photos of how she wore it. She said she loved the shoulder pads, lol!

  11. I just commented on Sophia's blog. I went to H&M today at lunch too. My favorite from your review is the draped top. It fits awesome on you. I stop by LOFT a lot but not Ann Taylor. Their prices are a bit stiff for me. Great finds!

  12. Michelle-- thanks! I love those black jeggings. I wear them with everything.

    TinyinTexas--I think if you are my size or smaller, I don't think the skirt will fit. I know you can't really tell, but the fabric is stiff and doesn't really conform to the body. The waist is a tad big too. I think it'd look nice on someone bigger.

    Jean--LOL! i know i surprised myself too with the AT purchase! so not me! I'm sure AT would not approve of me pairing it with my FP jeggings (see pic of me in wearing now). Looks like AT has inconsistent sizes. Oh well, doesn't every store?

    PLG--I like the draped top a lot too. I think it'll look great on you.

  13. I thought the skirt looked familiar! Yup saw it on Cher @ I'm really surprised it's that loose on you though, since she says it's tight on her. Darn, now I wonder how it'll fit on me (if I can find it).... I don't think my waist is as small as yours, but the length is worrisome.

    AT tops, even in the smallest petite sizes, are usually still too big for me unfortunately. But the draped top looks great on you (and sophia).

  14. i am loving the pink skirt from h&m ! i saw it on their promo pics

  15. The Ann Taylor cowl neck sleeveless looks great on you and is well-fitted. Love that outfit the most!

  16. I love that lace skirt but it's a shame that it was gap-py on you. BTW - You pull off the animal print look gorgeously!

  17. i am loving all the outfits <3 especially the last 2 skirts!!

  18. Wow-- you are teeny tiny, those size 2 skirts are huge on you!

    I LOVE that first leopard print silk top. Silk top for $29.99 and in such a beautiful print?? STEAL!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  19. love the last skirt!! It looks really gorgeous but too bad you are returning it :( Good price too!!

  20. Looks like the Ann Taylor 00p and xxsp fit you beautifully! I like both skirts on you, but if they're not comfortable you certainly shouldn't keep them.

  21. Take it back, take it back your fashion sense is totally sophisticated! I'm glad you walked across to reach out to Ann Taylor, I loved your haul! Awww, I liked that bow skirt from H&M (your waist is so tiny!!!), I might have to check it out myself!


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