Sunday, October 9, 2011

Altered Suit and Cheaper Suit

I finally got my suit back and it's such a relief. I thought my lady wasn't going to finish my suit on time so I bought a cheaper alternative from H&M (see below).
If you haven't seen the before photos of this suit, I posted them here.

I am wearing the Ann Taylor Triacetate Ruffle Jacket (Size 00P) & Ann Taylor Triacetate Stretch Skirt (Size 00P). I told my lady that I wanted this suit to be timeless and please not to make it too short or too tight because I want to be able to wear it for a very long time.
I know the skirt can be a tad shorter, but I really wanted it to look as conservative as possible. Given the time line, I thought my alteration lady did a great job. I can't thank her enough for being so easy to work with!

What was done at alterations?
Blazer: The back was slimmed a few inches and the sleeves were shortened about 2".
Skirt: The waist was taken in at least 2" and length was shortened no more than an 1".

I paid $119.99 for the Ann Taylor Triacetate Ruffle Jacket & $58.50 for the Ann Taylor Triacetate Stretch Skirt. I paid $50 for alterations so the total cost for this suit was $228.49. What do you guys think: fair price, cheap, expensive?

Below we have a back up suit that I bought from H&M in case I couldn't get my suit back in time. The cost of the skirt was $24 and the blazer was $49. I used a 25% coupon so both items ended up costing about $55. I think this is a great alternative if you are a college student or just any anyone on a budget. The fit is pretty decent. I think if I was to keep this suit (which I might), I'd get the skirt shortened and the sleeves shortened. Just an FYI, the material is pretty thin and wrinkles easily (I'm sure you can tell by the pics!).
Size: 2 for both item

The skirt below is the Ann Taylor Doubleweave Stretch Wool Pencil Skirt (Size 00P) which I got back from alterations. See before pics here. I just had my lady take about 1-1.5" off in the waist which made so much difference on how the skirt looks on me. Thanks to everyone who advised me to get the skirt altered! It sits higher on the waist now and looks much shorter.
Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse. 00P.

I also wanted to mention that Pressely Pumps by MICHAEL Michael Kors I am wearing in this post are super comfy. I love the color and the heel height. I bought these in size 5.5 (my normal size) and they run very true to size.


  1. That suit looks great on you post-alterations! It would totally be out of my price range, but I think it's worth it if you love it and it fits you well. :)

  2. I think if this suit will be worn on multiple, important occasions then it is worth the price. The collar detailing is so very pretty!

    I also really like the H&M suit on you - it seems to fit you very well!

  3. That ruffle jacket is amazing! So glad you got everything back on time! I love the shirt you layered with it, too! Also love the AT cowl neck!

  4. Oh no! I think the alterations you did to your suit was very classy. I agree about the length too. It has a timeless quality to it and will last you longer than if you had made it shorter. Despite getting your suit back on time though that H&M one you nabbed is pretty sweet. Great additions to any wardrobe ^_^


  5. Alterations are amazing, aren't they?? Your suit looks timeless now. I like that white polka-dot(?) blouse you layered underneath. I saw that H&M skirt but passed as I have bought too many materials that wrinkle so easily across my lap (problem spot for me). It fits you great though. The grey AT skirt looks great too.

  6. Look who has converted from free people to almost all Ann Taylor here! It looks great! Still can't believe alterations were only $50. Only thing my eyes. An point out is maybe have the skirt sides slimmed some more so that it looks sleeker?

  7. Love the AT suit post alterations...and only $50!!! I shelled out nearly $300 to do a suit recently (granted it was a much bigger/drastic job but still). Money well spent on this suit though, it's so chic!

  8. Megan-- I agree that AT is a little pricey. H&M is definitely a better place to go to when you have a smaller budget.

    SewPetite/Michelle-- Thanks! I agree with you about the collar, it's so feminine and unique.

    Eeli--I was tempted to get the skirt hemmed shorter, but I thought it's better to be on the safe/conservative side.

    CanandianPetite-- That blouse is also from H&M form a few seasons ago. I'm so happy I found a good tailor who charges me a fair rate!

    Jean-- LOL! You and the other petite bloggers are the influence. Wished I could wear my FP stuff to meetings.
    My tailor suggested slimming the skirt and the sleeves too. We didn't have enough time and I didn't want to pay for the extra $. But i definitely agree that slimming the skirt would make it more sleek.

    Elle--OMG I can't believe you paid $300. That's insane. For a long time, I didn't want to get thing tailored because the last guy I went to used to charge me an arm and a leg. So glad I found a new tailor. They are so invaluable!

  9. Excellent review Ping! I think your lady did a great job....(I might would have the sides of the skirt slimmed down just a tad more?) but it looks conservative the way it is for now. I love suits myself, but I've never had to shop for one with time contstaints (sounds stressful).

  10. Nice looks!


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