Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oversized Sweater and (P)leather Pants

I'm so happy that the work week came to an end. I had a few important meetings and was just so stressed out. I got to wear my altered AT suit and felt very good in it. Hopefully, I don't have to don a suit again in the near future.

I couldn't wait to get into my party clothes after so much business wear. This outfit was for a house warming party, but something happened to my car and we ended up not making it. Wah! Everything is okay though. I didn't want to put a good outfit to waste so I thought I'd recreate for you all!

One of my favorite items to wear during the fall is an oversized sweater. They're so comfy and warm and just easy to throw on to compliment any outfit.

I'm wearing:
FP Cable Swing Cardigan. Size XS. On sale here at zappos, but size XS only available in the camel color.
Gap Ribbed Tank. Size 0P. This has become one of my favorite tanks. I also have it in the white color. The material is comfy & thick. It's stretchy and holds it shape nicely even after wear. I highly recommend this tank if you're looking for a good basic tank to layer underneath clothes.
Nine West Rocha Pumps. Size 5. I sized down 1/2 a size. Can you tell I really like these? I think I have worn these in all my recent post. LOL.
(P)Leather Pants from Bebe. Super old and I got this for $2. (similar here & here ). It's a great way to spruce up any boring outfit.
Argento Vivo Sea Shell Necklace. (similar by Argento Vivo here & here)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. You really rock those pleather pants!! :)

  2. $2.00 for those pleather pants??? That's an awesome deal! You look great in them. I don't think I can pull off leather pants but you rock them. Hope your car is OK. Have a great week, Ping!

    P.S: Did you have a chance to get the tripod and the remote for your pictures? or Tim is still your personal photog =)?

  3. I like the pants! I've been waiting for the weather to get a bit colder before I pull out my pair from h&m

  4. I love oversized sweaters too, Ping. :) This sweater looks so comfy and so you!

  5. the big sweaters are so cozy!! i love the look of those pants. try as i might, they just dont look right on me, haha

  6. Love party wear - so much more fun. Holy wow! The tank and (p)leather pants look gorgeous on you!

  7. How did you get those pants for $2?!?! They are amazing! I should actually look amazing in them! Love that you pair them with an oversized sweater!

    Glad your car and you are ok now!

  8. Love the pleather pants...can't believe they only cost $2!

  9. Aww, sorry to hear that you couldn't make it to your get-together :(

    LOVE those pants on you - they look amazing and the fact that they were such a steal makes it even better!

  10. Love, love, love this outfit! The pants are so sexy but the sweater looks so comfy and cozy, perfect together!

  11. you are more and more beautiful , ping

  12. you look amazing in these (p)leather leggings! seriously sexy ping! and $2? I actually just pinned this pic of anh wearing real leather jeggings from balenciaga for $1500. I need $15 ones. HAHAHAHA. I really love that yours has the zipper & fits your inseam perfectly.


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