Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fluffy Hair

I wasn't going to post this one, but a little someone gave me the nudge nudge...haha!

Serena -- this one was inspired by you. When Sophia and I saw your hair, we were like "we want that and exactly that!" haha. As Sophia had the balls to dye her hair, I still haven't as you see in the pic. I got the 2" monster curling iron instead and I love it. It gives my long boring straight dull hair so much life. hahha. Many thanks Serena for my much improved hair. :)

Not much to say about this boring outfit:

-ruffle shirt from jcrew XS
-knit pant leggings from guess in size 23 (fits awesome)
-shoes by Arturo Chiang (size 5.5) from Bloomingdales


  1. I just got your email! AwWwWw... I'm glad that I inspired you. =]
    I think the 2" curler worked really well. How long did it take you to do your hair? It has so much volume and fluff to it. Sexy.

    I'm digging your top. It's cute. I really like ruffles and bows.

    I was looking over your older posts and I love Free People too!! But I've never found them in the right size or they just don't fit me. They tend to be too small. {*LOL}

    All your posts makes me want to go shopping for a new wardrobe. Mine is so boring and plain. I just donated a whole bunch of clothing from college that has been sitting in a duffel in my closet since I moved back.

    <3s Serena.

  2. Hey I'm not the first commenter today boooo haha.

    LOVE this photo of you Ping :) Your hair looks supermodel status! I swear I've never seen it look that light before though.. it always looks so black, but it's clearly brown in the light!

  3. wahh!! Ping, I think you've successfully achieved the "Serena hairstyle" xD hehe gosh, your hair looks so voluminous, fluffy, and sexy!! I'm jealous...I can't really style hair for the life of me. I really hate tight "ringlet-like" curls...and I always tend to get those when I curl hair! :( Must buy a larger barrel curling iron! haha 2"!! I will keep that in mind! :P I want loose, sexy waves too! lol ;)

    ♥ caroline

  4. dam, talk about Victoria Secret sex hair! VA VA VOOM!
    You're on a roll.. on a blogging spree! Keep at it woman.

  5. you have SO much hair!! i'm so jealous!! love the VOLUME!

  6. This curling iron is great. I'd have never thought about getting a 2" barrel until Serena. It's so quick too....I think it took me no longer than 5 mins to do my hair. Yay! The quicker the better because I need my beauty sleep in the morning!

  7. you are soo cute, and i love your hair, lots of volumee

  8. SO hot! It looks so light and voluminous. I have a 2 inch curling iron but have never really been able to achieve this look. This pic makes me eager to grow my hair back out again.


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