Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polka Dots

It's raining today but, I'm always prepared. I always carry an umbrella and wear boots so my feet doesn't get wet. I hate the feeling of wet socks and wet shoes all day. I'm wearing an old black cardigan from forever21. I've had this for years. Very surprise that its holding up after many washes.

Marrakesh Dress is from free people in size xs. The dress comes in another pattern. It fits a little lose, but it doesn't bother me much. The material is really light weight and soft. I can sleep in this thing.

Boots are by costume national and I will wear these to death! I got them in a size 6 (because that was the smallest size)...put insoles in them, but they are huge. I wear really thick socks to make it less roomy. The leather is super nice and soft.


  1. What kinda beer is that? lol.

    Ugh so glad it stopped raining.. I HATE if I'm wearing pants and the bottom gets wet!!

  2. YEAH!! good thing for always being prepared for the crappy weather!! I HATE it how it ALWAYS rains in NorCal...the weather is just SO multipolar and sporadic at times, I really dislike it :( My purse is always extra heavy because I always have to stash my umbrella in it, just in case it suddenly rains! argh! haha xD I love your boots!! You're like boots queen!<3 ^_^

    Ahh! I really REALLY want the Via Spiga boots!! But I have a question for you, are they comfortable for your feet? I can't really wear heeled boots/shoes for long because my feet start hurting like crazy, that's why I always wear flat boots or ballet flats (haha I fail, i know :[)! So, I just wanted to know what the comfort level is for these boots :D Please let me know!<3

    (I really need to buy a car...but considering weather I can use a small portion of my car money for these boots! @_@ they're just TOO cute & I've been on the hunt for a perfect pair of black/grey leather/suede boots!)

    ♥ caroline


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