Monday, May 31, 2010

Buy Multiple Basics

Black Cardigan (XS)
Long cardigans are great to drape over a short dress or used as a light jacket. I got the cardigans in ivory and black from Express and was surprised that it fit. I've gotten other things from Express and they always ended up being too big.

I also have been wanting a pair of oxford shoes, but didn't want to spend a load of money on something that is so trendy. Oxford are versatile, you can wear them with skinny pants, leggings, shorts, dresses and skirts. I've been on the hunt for something that isn't totally flat or more than 3 -4". Can't believe its taken me this long. I seen a number of oxford, but the majority have been without heels or with super high heels and I wanted neither. Flats look bad on me because it makes my short legs look short. These are the perfect height - about 2.5". They're casual enough to pair with anything and can also be dressed up (like here) with a tunic and stockings.

Kitty Cat Earrings By Betsey Johnson $18

Cardigan from Express $49.90 (XS) in black. The ivory color below is in XXS. The fitting doesn't vary that much except the XXS is a bit shorter. The material is really nice and soft and the buttons are sparkly...great buy.

Rope Stretch Waist Belt from Free People: $34 and comes in the color black also

Cheetah Sweater Tunic from Forever21: Size Small (a bit loose) and it comes with its own black belt. It's on sale right now for $8.99!!

Jason Oxford from Baker Shoes: $59.95 and in size 5.5 (fit true). I think it's pretty comfortable. I only wore it for a couple of hours, so I can't promise anything.

Ivory Cardigan (XXS)

Top is by Wilfred from Aritzia in XS - original price is $40 and I got it for $32. The entire store is on sale right now. I think the sale ends in 2 days. When you go into the store, ask the rep for the list of things on sale. All the brand are broken down by categories of 20%, 30% or 40% off.

Cardigan from Express $49.90

Skinny Leggings from BEBE size 24

Tory Burch "Sally 2" Peeptoe Wedges . I got mine at Bloomindgales for $265-- I got these in size 5.5 and they are pretty true to size. The leather is really nice and looks expensive. I love her logo and all her shoes are so classic. I always get tons of compliments when I wear her them. <3>


  1. nice on that bodylength cardi!!! I love both clrs~

  2. Ooh I like the 2nd outfit a lot! The ivory cardigan looks like it fits better ~ the arms aren't so loose.

    I think the blog pics are getting progessively better and better :)

    I just ate at SO tonight and OMG the chicken wings are sooooo good!! I can't wait to go back and eat more wings..

  3. The black cardigan....I was on the search for one and finally I kind of just gave in and said fine...this will work. I'd have preferred getting an XXS, but the sale person and the bf convinced me that it fits. Maybe it'll shrink in the dryer?!?

  4. I agree with what you said about Express Ping. i think their sizes run a tad too big.

  5. Susy--I've gotten pants before from Express in 00P and they are still big. Frustrating!

  6. The white cardi is great! Love the bright colors :)

  7. hey ping! love your blog and pics! the betsey johnson earrings are hilarious and super cute. do you think she makes little puppy earrings? ;)

  8. hi susan! thanks for looking at my blog :)
    i love betsey...shes crazy! You know I think she should start making earring for puppies. I think it would be super cute on Mochi and Kimichi. ahahaha

  9. Hi Ping,

    I love how you tie your hair up high into a bun. I could never do fashionable buns. Aren't the kittycat earrings absolutely gorgeous? I've a thing for sleek feline accessories coz they just look so elegant. I love cats in general. I used to have one a few years back.

  10. Jo-- I love the the bun. It's a great look when my hair feel gross and I'm too lazy to style it! Betsey Johnson has lots of funky cat should check her out!

  11. I LOVE YOUR TORY BURCH WEDGES!! haha...I can't wait until I get a job so that I can get them. Obviously can't afford them right now since I'm a recent grad xD lol Oh, Ping! You are a clothes enabler! I am going to go to my local Express to scope the store out for those cardigans! I actually really like the grey one too! I think grey is also another good casual color...I want all 3!! AHH!! But clearly, my wallet won't be able to handle that, so I must narrow down & pick 2 if I do buy it. :P

    Thank you for sharing! I've been searching for a long cardigan that would fit me, so I'll def try this on at the store!

    ♥ caroline


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