Sunday, May 23, 2010

Versatile Boots

Obsessed with these boots!

I ordered these Via Spiga boots from Nordstroms...was almost hesitant in getting them because they looked so plain and were kind of expensive.

They were surprisingly comfortable. I wore them walking around and also wore them dancing. I'm a 5.5 and they were true to size.

Gray Hoodie is from Free People (it's old so they don't have it anymore.

Shirt is from Free people (XS/S) in alabaster color.

Denim Legging is from Aritzia. J Brand and size 24.

Bag is MICHAEL Michael Kors Glazed Python-Embossed Leather Item Tote. I love them with everything. I wear to work and on the weekends and have gotten tons of complements on it. Not bad for $198 and it doesn't feel or look cheap!

I wore the boots again with my Free People Dress. I got it at the store, but it doesn't seem like they have it on the website anymore. I love Free People btw. Their sizing is small, great for petites and so easy to wear. This dress is a size 0.

Bag is by botkier and I got it years ago. I never wear it, but decided to wear it today.


  1. Really nice pictures Ping!! I like the last 2 :) Tell the photographer they did a decent job hahahaha.

    Gonna head to Bloomie's soon.. they're holding 2 pairs by 7 for all mankind (a dark blue pair, and a white pair)... if I sign up for a credit card I can get total 70% off! Whoooohooo :D

  2. thanks sophia! i'll tell him. let me know how the jeans work out!

  3. girl, the boots looked even better in person =)


    p.s. hawt boots! I love love love love boots

  5. YES!! YOU HAVE A BLOG NOW!! WOOHOO~!! haha peer pressure, thanks to Sophia, YAY!! xD

    I love your outfits, Ping! and OMG! You are SOO petite and have such a tiny/slim frame (so does Sophia)!! I'm jealous of you both! haha xD If only I can be that skinny haha :P I like your boots!! Wish I can find me a pair of suede boots that actually last...must look into Nordy's then! :) You look so fashionable & hot in all the pics! *love*

    ♥ caroline

  6. Thanks Caroline and Susy!
    I finally gave in. haha Sophia was so excited I didn't want to disapoint her.

    Caroline you are so tiny!!!! Smaller than me for sure.

    The via spiga boots comes in the color I'm wearing and black. they were originally $300 and now marked down to $150. Not too bad!

  7. YAY!!! Welcome to the blogging work Ping!! =D

    I love both of your outfits! A casual one with jean leggings and a dressier one with a dress. Loves.
    50% off boots? Definitely a good deal. I want to get those boots but I feel like I wouldn't wear them in the summer. BOO. I'll sit on it.

    I like the last photo of you. It's like straight out of a magazine. The background, your pose. OoOo la la...

    <3s Serena.

  8. hahaha thanks serena! omg i been thinking about your hair and how pretty it is. i want to dye my hair too, but im having cold feet! i bought pure natural and its been a few days and i don't have the courage to do it and my bf (and Sophia) are tired of hearing it.

  9. I love the bag.. I'm a big fan of michael korrs!

  10. Did you forget your chin at home?


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