Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free Me

This is my Sex and the City outfit. OMG I was so excited to see the movie. I have been waiting forever to see this.

I have to say SJP has the most amazing body, I am so jealous. She has the most perfect butt and boobs. Its firm and perky...hahha!

Everyone should go watch the movie. It's fun, light and lots of fashion!

I just noticed in all my post, I'm wearing something by Free People. I should go get a job there so I can get a discount and save myself some money. I go to the store once every couple of months, but every time I go in there all the sales people recognize me. It's really embarrassing!

My Rapture Dress -- Free People in size 0 (fits true)
Shoes from Nine West - size 5.5 (fits true)
Bag is by Elliot Lucca (from Nordstroms)

This is my easy breezy shopping outfit. hahah! I have been waiting for beautiful nice weather to wear these white jeans. I've had them for probably over 2 years and the last time I wore it was July of 2009...haha I remember this because I was staying at the Mondrian in LA and the decor in the room was white and I remember thinking, wow I match the room.

These jeans are in size 25 and I remember trying them on and thinking, wow I must have gained weight. I'm normally a 23 or 24, but I had to size up on these.

We The Free Scoop Neck Tunic -- by Free People size XS -- this shirt is so light weight and comfortable. I bought this awhile ago and now it comes in 8 different colors!

Skinny Jeans by Blank -- Size 25 -- can purchase at Free People or Urban Outfitters
I found almost an identical pair at ShopBop...mine doesn't have the zipper on the bottom, other than that everything else is the same (even the studs on the butt). Can't believe they're still selling the same style after all this time.

Shoes are Steve Madden -- size 6

Bag is Lamb by Gwen Stefani -- I like this bag, but the leather and the hardware makes it super heavy so after 20 mins of carrying this it hurts my I make my bf carry it instead. lol


  1. My favorite is the shopping outfit - it's perfect! I just bought some white skinnies and am excited to break them out. Too bad about the bag being heavy - that seems to be a common problem with bags I like.

  2. Cute! I love the shopping outfit too... I would definitely wear that! I can't wait to see SATC 2, hope it's good!

  3. Aww it's the FP dress I love!! Looks gorgeous with those shoes.

    And WHO DID YOU SEE THE MOVIE WITH???? LOL. Now who am I gonna go see it with?

  4. And I disagree about SJP having perfect butt + boobs.. I totally think Brooke Burke is perfect all over and has the best butt + boobs!!!

  5. I love the dress and I wish my bf would take me to see sex and the city! >=(

  6. Ping you're so fast with your updates I can't keep up! Keep at it girl!!!!

  7. Ahh, Ping!!♥

    I absolutely & utterly ADORE BOTH of your outfits in this post!! Okay, I've seen Free People featured in almost all your posts, but that super cute purple dress & the tunic in your shopping outfit have really nailed it for me...I'm definitely going to check Free People out now, all thanks to you, Ms. Ping!!

    Once I have the funds to do so (ie. once I find a job haha) I'm looking to eventually build & evolve my wardrobe to a more sophisticated & casual chic style, so that I don't look like I can mix in with 6th graders whenever I dress casually. In addition to that, I want a kickass beautiful office wardrobe, too! hehe guess I will have to cut back on makeup & use $$ just for skincare & clothes if I really want to build a wardrobe & maintain my skin :P

    gahh! I LOVE those heels you got from Nine West, too! And the I love the white jeans & the Steve Madden flats! I told you I love everything!! haha I'm obsessed with your outfits in this post!<3

    ♥ caroline

  8. i love your shopping outfit. so sleek and simple. i am totally having a stripe phase! great blog! :D


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