Saturday, September 11, 2010

American Apparel Shorts , Free People Top & Aritzia Finds!

The weather has been nuts. It's been cold all week and it's 80 degrees today! Well now (night time), it's foggy & freezing again. I'm not complaining about the heat, but I wished it would be consistent because it's doing crazy things to my skin!


American Apparel Stretch Twill High-Waist Zipper
Shorts. Size 24/25. Available in 7 different colors. (similar here & here)
Free People Green Bat Wing Top. Size XS.
Steve Madden Black Kitten Heels. Size 6. (similar here & here)
See by Chloe Purse.

My skin has been really dry lately especially my cheeks.
Instead of wearing a powder blush, a cream blush will be a better option. It's more moisturizing and gives a nice dewy look. You can also wear cream blush on your lips too. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture :(
I'm wearing Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge on lips and cheeks. Color Powder Pink.
For application on cheeks, apply with a foundation brush.

Below are also my finds from Aritzia today.
Loving their fall selection! Sorry I was too lazy to model it. Here are pictures below and you can click on it to zoom.


  1. I love the AA shorts! :) You look very chic today. It's a nice day to go out and about :D
    Yay for Aritzia! :D I don't know much about that brand/designer/store (?) but I love what you bought :) I also love how the tag on the sweater says "I'm soft and warm, cuddle me" LOL =)

  2. The sweater looks so cozy... This summer has been so disappointing in terms of weather... most days it doesn't even reach 90 deg. Can't wait to see how that dress looks on you!

  3. What cute shorts! You look so sexy! Don't you just love crazy weather? Makes picking outfits that much harder. I like the gray dress, btw.

  4. The weather must have been really nice in SF today! Your outfit looks fabulous for a warm day in the city. I was wondering could you take another picture of your purse? =P I've been trying to decide what kind of purse I want. My Urban Outfitters one is dying on me. {*blah}

    Thanks for the beauty tip Ping. I really like how you throw in little beauty tips every now and then in your posts. =]

    ARITZIA!!! I actually just bought a dress from there this weekend as well. I kind of want to go back and get that sweater as well. I didn't see it when I was there yesterday. {*hmmm} How weird.

    Oh and your comment about my hair... thanks for the sweet comment but the picture was taken BEFORE I got my hair cut. =( It's okay though my hair is slowly growing out and I'm learning how to style it. I've been curling my hair a lot more. Hopefully it won't damage my hair too much.

    <3s Serena.

  5. Oooh, can't wait to see your aritzia purchases being modeled. Very Fall.

    I hate fluctuating makes getting dressed in the morning so hard when it's 55 degrees out but is gonna get up to 75. I like those american apparel hot shorts lol. The stuff I have from there in size S is skin tight.

  6. I love that sweater. It looks so cozy. I am looking forward to see you in them both. Unlike SF, Ohio had a pretty good summer. There was 2 week period that the weather was in the 90s everyday. I am glad that it is finally cooling down. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Oooh I like the bat wing top a lot! The shape and the color of it. I wouldn't have guessed it's FP though. I couldn't believe it was 76 degrees in the Richmond yesterday!! But then it turned so foggy and cold last night >__<

  8. woo baby your legs look long! haha i really love this green against your skin. yeah outdoor pictures are just easier to deal with. my camera doesn't like to use flash when it's already bright so it makes me want to throw it against a wall sometimes xD i should get some powerful lights and create an indoor studio haha

  9. oh btw yes i am wearing coloured eyeliner but it's turquoise. guess what it was only $1! elf really impressed me because usually cheap eyeliners tear the crap out of my lids. their shimmer eyeliners are awesome and really soft!

  10. I love your purchases from Artzia, especially that dress. I can't wait to see you style them!!

  11. I love your purchases from Aritzia. Off to check whether DC has that store.

  12. the green top looks really nice. haha I like to walk around Aritzia too, some of their stuff fits really nice on people with smaller frame

  13. I am jealous...we don't have an Aritzia where I live. sigh. That dress looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see it in an outfit.

    I like the outfit you modeled...fall colors but summer styles. I love it. I agree that there has to be an end to this crazy weather and ridiculous temperature difference thing. I am literally too hot or too cold and am never at a comfortable place.

  14. Ping: Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Boy you have beautiful legs and look great in those shorts. I have never heard of these brands before but they sure look decent.

  15. I saw these 2 items in SF when I went 2 wks ago. very small sizing there. too bad I couldn't afford anythg. =/ womp.

  16. I have never heard of this brand! I just got a THEORY sweater sort of similar to this that I will be posting soon:) Love gray..!!

    And the shorts make your legs a mile long!!!

  17. I absolutely love Aritzia! I just got the leopard print sweater which I was eyeing for weeks!!

  18. Love the pattern on that green top!!


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