Friday, September 3, 2010

My favorite go to...

Self Shot Pics.
I took some tylenol nyquil thing last night -- man did it knock me out. Took 15 mins to get ready and rushed to work! This is my favorite go to when I'm in a hurry: cardi & skinny pants. No need to think or look in the mirror and I'm ready to go!

Charlotte Tarantola Summer 2010 Cougar Cardigan. Size XS. Love the buttons & lace detail. (similar here & here) (other Charlotte Tarantola Cardigans I like: here & here)

Guess Skinny Knit Pants. Size 23. (similar here & here)
Coach Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here, here & here)


  1. Your legs look super long in these photos. You look so chic in black and white outfit

  2. I love these Guess pants you are wearing, they look terrific on you!

    Are you still sick? When I am under the weather I pop vitamin c drops like candy (they make my tongue peel but they work!) and drink lots of warm like a charm 80% of the time!

  3. What a cute outfit! You have such a nice petite body!

  4. Absolutly fabulous! You look amazing in this outfit, it's perfect for your tiny frame.

  5. PLG-- thanks! black always helps.

    Elle-- argh yes I'm still sick and it's been a week. I never get sick too...well just occasional tummy aches! everyone is sick around me so it doesn't help either.
    these have to be my favorite pair of skinny pant legging things I have!

    Girlie Blog & Callandra-- thanks! i feel that tight/black things always make me look more petite than i really am. ;)

  6. You definitely look very long and lean! I don't think I'm comfortable wearing leggings or stretchy pants with tops that don't cover (at least part of) my butt though... feel so exposed! :P

  7. I love that cardigan on looks so expensive...and oh wait, I just clicked on the link and... it IS expensive. Does that brand ever have sales? Also, are they sold in stores or just online? I will have to keep an eye on's so unique and feminine.

  8. PetiteXXS-- haha I totally know what you mean. I think my black tank matches the pants really well. I am wearing a tank and it covers my butt, but I don't think you can see it in the pic. ;)

    PAG-- I can't remember how much I got it for, but it wasn't that much for sure. I got in on hautelook because I wanted to use up my credit ( that i had from that guess maxi dress that didn't fit). I've seen their cardigans at Nordstrom before.

  9. What a great outfit! So simple and yet so chic! =)

  10. I like! I can see why you like the cardi ~ it's so cute and comfy and is great for work!

    Guess what I just bought after work.. some moccasins! Feels like fur on my feet hehe :D

  11. Oooooo how adorable is this outfit?? You always look so tall!!! Your legs look a mile long in these pants!

  12. StylePint-- thanks :)

    Sophia-- the ones you showed me last time? You have to post them!

    ReallyPetite -- you're sweet ;) ... i always look super short when I'm next to my bf. I prefer pics by myself ...hahah nobody to compare to!!


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