Saturday, September 25, 2010

Armani Exchange Faux Fur Collar Wrap XS & Simple Summer outfit

I feel like summer has just started and it's going to be in the 75-80s in the next few days! YAY! I love being able to wear short and a t-shirt and not worry about lugging a jacket around all day. I know it sounds silly to be excited about, but it's a definite luxury not to worry about being cold.

Bebe V-neck Tee. XS. (similar here, here & here)
AE Destroyed Denim Shorties. 00. Waist a little loose...I think I need to just throw it in the dryer for a bit to shrink it.
Valentino Shades. I got my eyes dilated today -- in case you're wondering why I have them on in ever picture.
Botkier Bag.
F21 necklace.

A|X Faux Fur Collar Wrap. XS. Love the soft faux fur & the material is pretty decent.
I got the heather grey color (looks darker in person) & there is another color called heather snow (which I think looks more like cream).

I also really like the Ruched cardigan! Too bad I didn't see it at the store or else I would have gotten it too.

They're doing a promo on sweaters where you take $20 off the original price and shipping is free for purchases over $100.
I have to say A|X stuff looks better in person than it does on their website. I think it's the opposite for most retailers.


  1. Weather's been so strange here... was cool pretty much all summer but hit 100+ degrees today! I like shopping A|X online because there's free return shipping, but sizing is can be an issue and their style is a bit trendy.

  2. Aww you look so cute in those shorts! What a beautiful day you are having! I see a lot of sunshine - jealous!

    I like the sweater with the faux fur.

  3. It started to feel like Fall where I am at. I did have a pretty good summer this year. I am glad the weather is finally cooling down. Love the A|X sweater. You're so brave for taking pics while at store :)

  4. It is still scorching upper 90s over here! Definitely feeling those shorts and t-shirt you have there. I love your earrings, where did you get them? =0D
    The wrap = adorable. I'm not a huge fan of too much faux fur trims, I wonder if it is detachable? The ribbed design and the v hemline is really cute!

  5. That A|X wraps looks so *you"...I want to shop there too but for reason I just can't see most of their stuff on me.

    This weather baffles me, we are getting summer weather here but last week and the week before were approaching chilly. I keep trying to pack away summer clothes but only to take them out again.

  6. I absolutely love faux-fur collars. The A/X wrap is super chic on you and I definitely prefer the gray over the creamy white, since the faux fur doesn't look like it has as much "dimension" to it. The weather here is tres funky as was 90 degrees yesterday!

  7. Liking the faux fur wrap, looks lush! Not quite faux fur weather here in NY but soon!

  8. Cute! I like both colors that in comes in. That ruched cardi is really cute too!

  9. PetiteXXS-- haha yeah A|X is pretty bf thinks the guy stuff is for the jersey shore kids/euro trash! whatever...i will buy from wherever that fits me with decent quality/price.

    Girlie Blog-- yay for nice weather...can't wait to comfy with it because i know the fog is coming back very soon.

    PLG-- hahaha! there are so many tourists in SF taking pics,i just pretend i'm one of them.

    Hanna-- the faux fur is not detachable. the earring are by marc jacobs...if you goggle zipper earrings by marc jacobs, i'm sure it'll pop up.

    Elle-- yeah haha i'm pretty random when it comes to where i shop...i think i'm just attracted to their sexy ads!

    Jean-- i love faux fur!! i am on the hunt for faux fur scarf or a faux fur animal print jacket. love it!

    Annie P -- thanks! isn't faux fur better than the real thing.

    Sophia -- isn't it a nice weekend!? so warm. you should check out the A|X downtown.

  10. I love that first photo! The first thing I noticed was your bag *drools* and the sunflowers. Great image.

    The fur cardigan is really cute. I know you didn't do it intentionally, but I liked it paired with destroyed shorts. It gives the outfit contrast.

  11. Yay! I love the warmer weather, it's sooo much easier to get dressed! Love the sweater and I think the darker gray will look amazing with your skin tone too.

  12. The wrap looks lovely on you! It will be a cute staple for fall. Is it a ribbed material?

  13. TLDP/Callandra-- thanks! can't wait to wear it with a real outfit and accessories.

    Cee-- LoL! i have had the purse for awhile....

    SewPetiteGal-- it's a knit material and not ribbed...i think the texture gives that ribbed look.

  14. The weather has been crazy in the bay. Must be nice getting some sun and warm weather in SF though. Sunny and warm days like this weekend makes me want to go out to the city cause it's perfect.

    Your outfit is so simple yet chic. The zipper detailing on your bebe shirt is more stylish than a plain grey T-shirt.

    The A|X wrap looks so soft and fluffy.

    <3s Serena.

  15. Oooooo love the faux fur wrap! I love that you have different brands other than the same old LOFT, Ann Taylor, BR etc.... so please keep doing a great job!!! :)

    You look adorable in the wrap!

  16. that's awesome that it's still so hot over there. Here you have to wear a jacket now :( I love your simple outfit in the first pic, that bag is so nice too!

  17. Ping! I <3<3<3 these shorts on you! I love these shorts in general. I'm going to Hawaii in 2 weeks. Could definitely use some cute shorts. I also like the way you wear this gray tee. relax fit and deep V. and are those zippers on the side of the tshirt? What playful detailing. and a botkier bag? Girl, this is why I follow your blog. You're so stylish.

  18. Serena-- thanks you're so sweet. can't wait to see you again at our next meetup...whenever that will be!

    ReallyPetite--thanks! i'm a fan of anything that fits, cute & i'm open to all stores!

    Julie-- sucks that it's getting cold...i'm sure the fog is coming in the next couple of days.

    Aubrey-- haha your comments always make me laugh! being short...i love short shorts! haha. yeah i don't wear t-shirts too often so when i do wear it, i want it to be kind of unique and nice fitting! botkier makes cute bags...wished they weren't so expensive or else i'd own more of them.

  19. I love the faux fur wrap! You should check out Loft, they have a cute faux fur vest in stores right now. I also love the v-neck tee- they are one of my wardrobe staples and I always love finding a unique one!

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