Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ombre Highlights, J Brand 901 Legging Review & Other Stuff

See this post for an update on my ombre highlights.

It's been at least a good 5-7 years since I have colored my hair. It was definitely hard to let go of my virgin hair!! I haven't gotten my hair colored because I'm really lazy and I personally hate the up keep. I been seeing celebs rock this look and it's so cute on them. The ombre effect is with darker roots and lighter ends so there will be little up keep because I already have roots--haha! I'm totally loving this look!! YAY! I'm so happy that I finally did something with my freaking boring hair. :)

My ombre hair inspirations below:
*image from

What I'm wearing above:
Old Free People Sweater. XS. (similar here & here)
Free People Thermal Cami. XS. Love how soft & stretchy it is. I got the white color too.
J Brand 901 Leggings. Color Sable. 24. Fit is great. No alterations needed. A little gap in front & back, but don't mind it at all -- extra room is great for when I eat too much. They're expensive for jeggings-- can't believe I forked out that much $ for it. Note to self, don't go shopping while intoxicated. LoL.

@ Bloomingdale
Lusting after this Coach Hamptons Studded Leather Flap Bag
. $498. Must be really old or new -- can't seem to be finding it on the or anywhere else.

Wearing here:
Free People Ruffle Tweed Jacket. XS. Available in 2 other colors.
*correction -- i mean size 0 not xs

That's it for now. Can't wait to see everyone's shopping finds this weekend!


  1. Nice color! Very vibrant! Also love the jeans and the jacket!

  2. ping! i really love the ombre hair on you - it's seriously the best i've seen (i really don't even like the trend)! so luscious and mature with some spice hahaha

    i really like that blue dress on you too!

  3. I love the curl and bounce in your hair! Do you wear it curled usually? The tweed jacket looks very cozy, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of that blue dress! :)

  4. I am echoing PetieXXS's comment about your hair. The soft wave and volume is beautiful! I'm so glad to see that free people jacket on you, I've been anxiously waiting to see it since you first said that you'd ordered it....the jegging's are a great fit btw.

  5. Love your hair! i think its gorgeous!! and I love the curls! Is it natural? I love the color of your leggings!

  6. Your hair looks incredible!

    I am a big fan of the tweed jacket, though you wear it so much better than the model on FP's website. I love those J Brand jeggings on you too, I think denims get a lot of wear so it's fine to splurge on those.

  7. Ping I love that tweed jacket ~ it's the longer length and shape that totally makes me love it! You know I hate tweed and jackets.. normally the combo sucks and looks old, but that one looks young and fun and is so wearable!

    And OMG YOUR HAIR!!! IT'S DYED!!!! Lol. It looks amazing, just like the pics of the celebs! Oh gawd... now I wanna go dye my hair >____<

  8. Your hair is so bouncy! I think the ombre look is really hard to pull off well but you definitely succeeded!

    I really like that Free People ruffle jacket. So cute!

  9. Love your hair! It's super cute. My hair is finally getting longer. You rock in those jeggings. I am looking forward to see more of your blue dress. I went to the outlet today but didn't find anything

  10. Is your hair thick? It looks so full and pretty!!! I'm shocked at how well those jeggings!! They look so nice on you!!!!

  11. hi ping! omg i am in love with that sweater, it looks so comfy! i love the way it slouches too, i'm so obsessed with slouchy oversized things lately!
    your hair looks amazing, so bouncy and healthy! i love the ombre highlights too, i keep seeing people with this style and it seriously makes me want to try it! :P

  12. Regarding your question about loreal...i only wore it for a few hours, and it stayed well.

  13. out of the celebs, I love J.Biel's ombre coloring. This trend is so fab. it has that casual california feel. Hair fades w/length anyways, so this is a really good transition for ppl who have never dyed their hair. .

    What salon did you go to? and what did you ask for?

  14. thanks aubrey! i go to oxenrose salon in SF. i showed her the pic of jessica biel and she knew exactly what i was talking about it.

  15. Thanks for the review on the jeggings. I've been wanting to get J brand jeans but I wasn't sure about the fit. I'll look for them on ebay. I've been able to get a lot of designer jeans there.


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