Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Franco Sarto Atlas Gray Suede Sandals & Casual Work Outfit

Taking a break from work to take a few blog pics! Heehee.
Thanks Julie!

Free People White Wedding Top. XS. (similar here & here)
Free People Women's Lace Bandeau in Black. XS.
Zara Boyfriend Cardigan. S. (similar here & here)
Free People Seamed Knit Pants. Size 24.
Franco Sarto Atlas Grey Suede Pumps. Size 5.5.
Shoe color looks more taupe-y in person. Available in 4 other colors.


  1. Love the tiered look on your top and I liked how you paired it with a sweet bandeau! It looks very much like a fall outfit but then again without the cardigan a summer outfit! Best of both worlds! ^-^

  2. Those Franco Sarto pumps are so cute! I recently got a few pairs of FS and fell in love. You pull off the tiered look incredibly well and your photographer is pretty talented. :)

  3. love your outfit and your style! this looks comfortable yet chic! :)

  4. I love the sandals! They look super cute with those skinny jeans of yours. You are looking fab as usual!

  5. I like the shoes a lot! Hehe Julie is taking some pretty awesome pics... nice "composition" and the diagonal lines as I've seen some people say hehehe. Hmm.. might have to fire the old one!

  6. oh I like that white top! it's really cool looking. and your friend did a really good job with the pics!

  7. the picture w/the lines of motorcycles in the back is brilliantly well-done. big fan of the scrunches @ the bottom of your pants and shirts that call for a lace bandeau underneath.

  8. Thanks Ladies for your comments!!

    Hanna--I love bf cardigans...i have them in every basic color. Can't live without them!

    Elle--thanks! I love that Free People top too!

    Sophia-- can't fire my current photog! he's free and is always available. haha. :P

    Julie & Aubrey-- thanks girls...I'll definitely let my friend know she did a great job with the pics. She has great perspective!

  9. You're looking stylish as always! I really like the layering bandeau look too but unfortunately I'm not chesty enough to make that look good :)

  10. i wish i could wear something that cute to work! adorable outfit and shoes

  11. Diana-- thanks girl!

    PetiteXXS-- i love the's nice to wear under shirts that are too low or have large arm holes!

    Angie-thanks! I don't think work cares what I wear as long as its not too revealing!

  12. BTW, I tagged you in my latest post.

  13. @PetiteXXS: I think bandeaus works only for smaller chested ladies. It's unfortunate, but i think girls w/larger cup sizes do have to deal w/the fact that anything they wear...even when they're trying to be understated, is going to be on the "sexier" side. Take a look @ UO's ads and the models they use. always B cup or less. IMO, to pull of That free-floating loose tops w/large armholes look, you need to be on the petite/diminutive side (think...olsens, vanessa hudgens, rachel zoe, nicole richie, etc). I think you can totally pull it off. Don't forget to offset it with a skinny bottom.

  14. Thank you soo much for commenting about the shoes. I clicked on the link and sadly my size 5.5 and I would have settled for a 6 are SOLD out. Hopefully they will be back soon! I love your sense of style!


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