Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free People: Oversize Shawl Cardi, Lace Mock Neck Top & Fall Remembrance Coat

I stopped by the Free People Boutique a few weeks ago and I came out empty handed. This time was a different story. I actually didn't try on that much stuff, but I bought almost everything I tried on.
I'm also sad my favorite personal shopper, Jenna, at FP is no longer working there. I asked another sales girl about her and she said...ohhh you're Ping! You're Jenna's favorite client and she told everyone about you and your blog. LoL. Jenna -- if you're reading this, I'm going to miss you and your cute little doggie!!

My Shopping Outfit:
Zara BF Cardigan. Size S. (similar here & here)
H&M Dress. Size 2. Very old. (similar here)
Forever21 Necklace. (similar here & here)
Forever21 Over the Knee Socks. Got lots of looks/stares from both men & women. Whatever... (similar here & here)
Via Spiga Shanti Boots. Size 5.5. I got these awhile back and they are on sale now for $99 (original price $298)! I just checked Nordies and all the small sizes are gone. I love these and would definitely consider getting another pair if another color was available...but it's not.

Okay, now to the fitting room reviews...

Lace Mock Neck Top $58.00 - Free People - Size XS. Bought the black one. This comes in many colors.
I tried the black and cream color and actually love both, but I didn't want to buy both just in case I end up not wearing it. My bf thought the cream looked too wedding dress-ish...haha whatever! I love the fit, its not too tight or too loose. I think this will make a great layering piece.

Oversized Shawl Cardi $148.00 - Free People - Size XS. Bought color ivory. Comes in a bluish combo color also.
I know a lot of petite prefer more structured and fitted tops, because oversize items can be overwhelming for their little bodies. But I love this oversize cardi, I think this will work if I wear anything fitted on the bottom! It's so warm, comfy & cozy! I can throw this over anything. Can't wait to wear it & snuggle up in it.

Fall Remembrance Coat $198.00 - Free People. Size 0.
My bf actually pointed out this one. Good job babe!! I didn't think much of it until I tried it on. I'm in love with this jacket. It's heavy enough to keep me warm and it'd definitely what I been looking for all season long. The sleeves are slim and not too long. The jacket is nicely fitted without being snug and I also love the length. My camera didn't pick up all the details, but the ruffle bottom is really cute. The jacket is also lined. I would definitely check out the stock photos to get a all the details of this jacket. I highly recommend this!

Btw, it's been raining hard all day here :(
I also forgot to turn on the flash so pics are kind of blurry.


  1. Ok LOVE that coat! I agree your BF did a great job! The coat in the link looks different though...

  2. Curls--thanks for letting me know! I just fixed it, it should link you to the right coat.

  3. i love the peacoat and how you layered the turtleneck with the dress. so cute!

  4. Loooove the fall remembrance coat! It looks way better on you than on the model on the website!

  5. That sweater makes me want to snuggle, too!

    Great finds! I love your shopping outfit! Lol about the stares!!

  6. That coat is SOOOO pretty and I love that lace tops too...I need to look into both. Must resist temptation though, doesn't hurt to keep an eye on it though. :)

    ps the lace top that you linked to on the bloomies website looks a little different compared to the fitting room pics...or maybe it's just me.

  7. Angie/Amy/Michelle -- thanks so much!

    Elle-- I see what you mean...not sure if its me or shopsense, looks like I have been getting all the links wrong! I just changed it and clicked it to make sure. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. PING!! I got distracted by your gorgeous hair. =p. Can you teach me how you curl your hair? I really love how the curls are so loose.

    You have such great taste in clothes. I really like the outfit you wore out to shop for the day. I think the knee high socks with high boots look is cute.
    I think the jacket is my favorite item next to how you layered the lace mock neck top under your dress.

    <3s Serena.

  9. You have your own personal shopper?! That's so awesome! It's kinda funny but the boutique at Free People looks really similar to Anthropologie. The coat is so adorable! It reminds me of an Express ruffle coat but a better fit.

  10. Ping I loove everything!!! OMG you are so lucky you can spend on Free People! I wish I could! I actually got that gorgeous coat you showed us before. The cute Free People coat that flares out? This company Karmaloop sent it to me to review in a YouTube video. By the way, your shopping outfit is too cute!! :)

  11. The colors of the white+brown sweater are so nice! Looks so soft and comfy :) I kinda giggled at the crossed legs in the background hehehe.

  12. I looove the coat! I also love the chunky sweater and your shopping outfit, they look so cute and comfy.

  13. First, do you ever look bad? LOL - I love your style! Second, I love the wavy hair look, it's absolutely gorgeous on you. Third, that jacket is to die for - great finds!

  14. Everything that you tried on is soooo cute and seems to fit you really well.

  15. forget the looks from other ppl. I love knee high socks w/boots ... and a mini dress/skirt.
    Again, always on point w/the trends, Ping.

    I don't have a FP boutique here. Makes me so sad when I see you review such gorgeous pieces like this coat.

  16. Serena-- aww thanks girl!! I just separate my hair into 6 sections (3 bottom & 3 top) and curl the bottoms of each section with a 3/4"-1 barrel (I can't remember which one) literally takes 5 mins!

    Hanna--haha yeah she was awesome! i always looked for her when i was there and she would pull stuff for awesome! speaking of...that jacket does remind me of the express one!

    April-- Thanks you are so sweet! I can't wait to see your review on the flared tweed coat!!!

    Sophia -- LOL...the crossed legs is waiting patiently as I try on stuff and take a million photos.

    TinyinTexas/SewPtite/Nelah-- thanks ladies!

    Aubrey--thanks, its fun to mix it up! FP is in nordies and macy's too...or you can always order from their website.

  17. Oh wow, that coat is so fabulous! I absolutely love it. Great reveiew...btw, you look so pretty in these pics!!!

  18. That coat is so darling! Good eye, Ping's bf. Now that Sophia pointed it out I'm also chuckling at his patient crossed legs in each pic. My bf does not enjoy going into fitting rooms with me...he usually detours to the apple store and we meet up afterwards.

    The coat is a pretty decent price too for a winter coat. I wonder if FP at Macy's carries it because then there is occasionally a 20% coupon to use.

  19. That coat fits you perfectly and is really flattering! You should always take your bf out shopping with you. ;)


  20. I adore that coat!! I was trying to buy it online last week at the Free People site but for some reason it wouldn't let me check out. >:O I didn't know there was a FP store in SF.

  21. aww you look so fashionable in all your clothes

  22. I really love the lace mock neck top!!! The black one just is sooo pretty! and definitely the coat! soooo cute!!

  23. ohh man everytime you post free people I wish there was a store here! I like the oversized shaw on you very much, and the last jacket, those buttons are so fab!

  24. Callandra-- thanks so much!! you're so sweet :)

    Jean-- haha!! my bf actually doesn't like going into fitting rooms either, but the FP people are so nice and always tell him that he's more than welcome to go in. Not sure if they carry this jacket at macy's...we have a crappy macy's here so i never go in there.

    Kileen-- thanks! my bf always goes shopping with me, he's my enabler. he always tells me everything looks nice (even when stuff doesn't!), so i end up buying everything!! not good for the wallet...

    Ida-- no FP in SF, i normally drive to the Stanford mall in palo alto....

    Mom daughter Style-- thanks for stopping by!

    Bunny-- thank you! I think the lace mock neck and jacket would be very pretty on you too!

    Julie-- thanks!! FP is in most major departments stores like Nordies, Bloomies and you have those in Canada? I'm assuming yes?

  25. I love the socks over boots look! Who cares about stares from jealous people :) The coat looks great on you... I'm almost tempted although I wish I could try it on in person first. I'm not surprised that you were your old personal shopper's favorite... a client who doesn't try on a lot but buys everything and never leaves the store empty-handed? You make her job easy! :P

  26. you look adorable! I bought those boots last Fall but returned them cuz the shaft is so big!

    I love the jacket the best! So adorable!


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