Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best X-Mas Gift Ever and Update on Piperlime Purchases

I'm spending X-mas in Missouri with my bf and his family. It's been such a wonderful experience and everyone is super duper nice. I haven't seen snow in a long time and it was so nice that it snowed on X-mas.

My bf asked me recently what kind of camera does most of your bloggers friends have and I told him a Cannon Rebel something. I knew he was getting ideas for X-mas gifts and I told him not to get it for me because I didn't want him to spend so much $$ on me.
We opened presents on X-mas eve and my bf surprised me with a new Cannon EOS Rebel XS. I was of course ecstatic to receive the gift, but he really shouldn't have!
We're not really sure what the camera does, but I'm sure we'll learn as we go.
I braved the cold for 10 minutes this afternoon and snapped a few pictures. I was pleasantly surprised how nice the pics came out compared to my digi-cam.


Betsey Johnson Bow Pearl Drops $25.00. I really like these earrings! They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The bow and the pearl combo is just so cute together.

Free People
Angora Convertible Glove $28.00$19.95. It's so cozy and soft. Love it!

Aldo Willianstown Scarf. Are you guys tired of seeing this animal scarf? Hahah!

Free People Fall Remembrance Coat. Size 0. It's on sale right now! This is definitely my favorite coat of the season. See Elle from Fast Food & Fast Fashion wear it here.


Juicy Couture Denim Legging $98.00$48.99. Color Alexey. Size XS.
I took these pictures in a dark spot, so I ended up having to brighten them. The jeans are actually darker in person. I love the way they fit and the length is perfect (26" inseam). They are a tad loose in the waist and it stretches out even more with wear through out the day. I forgot to bring a belt so I had to keep pulling my pants up. Despite that, I am keeping these jeggings.

BCBGeneration Tinas $89.00$79.99. Size 5.5. Darker nude (yellow). Sorry no pics, I was too lazy to snap a few.
These pumps run pretty true to size. The color is a little darker in person than the pictures show. The leather was really hard and stiff which made it very uncomfortable to wear. I am returning these.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful X-mas. Please do share what you got!


  1. Oh man, congrats on the new camera! I want one too but I probably wouldn't even know how to use it :D

    Hope the rest of your Christmas is good! :)

  2. So lucky, I need to find me a man that's willing to splurge on me haha Lookin fab as per usual Ping! Merry Christmas ;)

  3. Love your haul! And your bf is so sweet, I can't wait to see what you do with that camera! I have been meaning to upgrade but can't justify it. :)

    You know I love you in that FP coat (I wish I can exchange for a 4 or 2 but all sold out in smaller sizes), it looks simply perfect on you however you wear it. :)

  4. What colorful, sharp pics, lucky girl!

  5. these photos are so gorgeous! i am very excited you got a canon slr : ) glad you're enjoying missouri and a white xmas :D

    <3 Pandaphilia

  6. Lucky~!!! You have such a ncie bf and I bet you're so hapy cuz the pictures are just gorgeous and you just make it even better <3

    Love the leopard scarf soooo much > <

  7. You look fantastic in the legging. Fits like a glove and hug every curves. BIG thumb up.
    Can you offer some tips on "eyeliner" selection? I end up like a raccoon in a few hours.
    Thank you.

  8. Oh! Great camera quality!! What a nice guy! :)

    I love the juicy denim leggings...and the whole outfit! Definitely not getting tired of the scarf!

    I am going to Free People this week in Seattle! I cannot wait to share the pics! :)

  9. Great quality pictures! How sweet of your BF to get you exactly what you need. :)
    You always look great in jeggings, and this is no exception.

  10. Aww - what a wonderful present from your sweet BF! I'm excited to see your future posts using this camera because already the colors are so beautifully vibrant!

    BTW - I am not at all tired of that scarf - you rock it every single time :)

  11. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. I hope we get to use the camera and all it's capabilities.

    Anon-- I have tried many liners before and I find that the Bobbi Brown gel liners work the best for my oily skin. It still transfer a bit, but not as bad a all the other liners I have tried. I might give the urban decay primer a try and see if that will help with the oiliness.

  12. Amazing look! I have a similar scarf and I love it, too!

    Lovely blog!


  13. What a thoughtful gift from your bf! The picture quality looks amazing.

  14. OMG what a totally AWESOME present - that camera definitely knocks the socks off of any digi I've ever owned - you look GREAT, your skin is so freaking flawless too! ;)

    Oooooh Juicy Couture jeggings! I just bought a pair at Bebe :) Hot mama!

    For Christmas, I got my hoodie & a Juicy purse plus a robe from my parents. ^_^ Glad you had a great Christmas!

  15. Yaaaaaaay! What a great BF!!! I am debating on the canon t1i and the t2i....still haven't decided!!!

    You look HOT in those JC jeggings!!! :)

  16. Yay! Congrats on the camera! :D It's a great beginner DSLR : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. wow, your boyfriend is super sweet!! i have the Canon Rebel XSi and it's an amazing camera. you will absolutely love it!

    and those jeggings fit you perfectly! i've never tried Juicy Couture before but am definitely going to be wandering into the store now!


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