Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free People Sale I Couldn't Resist

The following items are such a good deal, I couldn't resist. There are so much stuff on sale at Free People right now! I told myself I shouldn't get anything that I don't need. Since I'm going away for X-mas to a very cold place (well cold compared to SF) I thought these would be nice items to bring with me to keep me warm and cozy since I am terribly afraid of the cold!

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Herringbone Puff Sleeve Jacket
$168.00$39.95. I got the charcoal color. There are so many sizes available and this is such a good deal. Makes me wonder what's wrong with this jacket. Oh well, I guess I'll find out soon.

Ruana Scarf.
$48.00$29.95. This is more like a wrap than a scarf. I love how the model wore it with a belt too.

Angora Convertible Glove
$28.00$19.95. I got the black ones. I been wanting so gloves to keep my hands warm. These looks so luxurious.

Lace Trim Thermal
$48.00$29.95. I got the sky color. I tried it on here on this post. I didn't buy it then for $48, but $29 is more like it!


  1. Why must you tempt me!? :p I love all those items!

    That jacket is amazing! Makes me wonder, too! There are only three reviews...seems that the sleeves are tight, which is probably good for you! I wish people that review would post their measurements! "Tight sleeves" as a review is of no help unless I know their size!

  2. I will definitely check it out. I love all the items you bought. Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the jacket

  3. Wow, those are such great deals!!!! I think I'll *NEED* that puff sleeve jacket (you had me at puff sleeve).

  4. Eep! I'm going to admire through your post but not visit the website :) Great deals! Too bad I just shopped my heart out during the J. Crew sale!

  5. Finally catching up on some of your posts..........I love all of the items you bought. I hope you do a post with the jacket and scarf, they both look so pretty! P.S. Stay warm and be safe!

  6. Ping I went to Nordstrom Rack and found so many Free People clothes! Have you tried NR for Free People goodies? OMG that lace trim thermal is too cute!

  7. Oh man!!! Why would I have to see this?? LOL I haven't gotten any FP yet but it's on my list!!! I'm checking out Nordie Rack because April tweeted and said there were so goodies there!!!

  8. i love your picks!! you found some really great deals. my fave is probably the jacket so i'm anxious to see how that one works out on you. i'm terribly scared of cold weather myself so i hope you stay warm out there!! :)


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