Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Ann Taylor Petite Charmeuse Sleeveless Rhinestone Trim Top

Me sitting at my desk.

Bebe Camel Pea Coat. XS. Very old. (similar here)
Forever21 Black Cardigan. XS. Very old. (similar here & here)
Guess Pants. Size 23. Very Old. (similar here & here)
AT Petite Charmeuse Sleeveless Rhinestone Trim Top. Size: XXSP. Color: Glazed Fig.

Where I do begin with this shirt...

What I do like:
I ordered this top during black Friday with a 40% discount. I believe they are offering the same discount off full price items. The shirt looked very promising when I took it out of the box. Everything was where it was suppose to be. None of the rhinestones fell off. I thought the color was really pretty and I thought the top was nice and elegant overall. My initial thought about the fit of the top was not bad...but after looking at these photos, I'm not quite sure anymore.

What I don't like:
I steamed this top before wearing. It had wrinkles all over it when I got to work, I think you can tell from looking at the pictures. The wrinkles bother me a lot! I don't like the way the shirt drapes. When I sit at my desk, the shirt bunches up where it looks like I have fat rolls -- not cute! I tried tugging and pulling at it, but the bunching would not go away.

So I thought this top might look better if I tucked it into a pencil skirt. I was sure that this would hide the bunching and wrinkles. When I got home from work, I immediately tried the top on with a pencil skirt. I tugged and pulled and tugged and nothing seemed to help with the bunching.

I really want to make this shirt work, but I think it's a lost cause. LOL.
I think I am leaning towards returning...
What do you all think??


  1. That top looks lovely in general and fits you beautifully. Yeah - I don't like that type of fabric either. Beautiful but get wrinkles too easily and hard to work with. I love your BeBe pea coat.

  2. Shoot! at first I thought it fit really nicely untucked and then when you tuck it in, it's too big and bunchy. Same thing happened to my Limited ruffle tops....my pet peeve too!!!

    I say return:( Even though I think it's super pretty!!

  3. I actually like the top! But yeah, if you're not satisfied with it, you should take it back. I wish I did that with a certain J Crew top! Now it's too late. Anyway, there are always other tops in the sea. lol!

    I am envious of that coat by the way!

  4. Ooo what a pretty color! It looks nice on you. Have you tried tucking it into stockings (with control top)? Usually that holds in slippery fabrics for me.

  5. hm....quite the dilemma here. I was going to say that the pics in the bathroom look fine. and mb you wore it too soon after steaming it. but the bunching...now there's nothing to make a girl feel like "blah." I say return it, buy something else and do another post for us. Yay! Gosh, such a pretty shirt though.

  6. Ping you look soo fancy! I love everything about your outfits, pants and skirt!

  7. Wow, that is a beautiful color on you, but yes I think you should probably return it.

  8. that tank is really festive, love how you paired it with a pencil skirt

  9. Do you mean you may sell it online? Because if you've worn it to work how can it be returned? I think out looks better than tucked in. You have great outfits!

  10. Charmeuse is a really tricky fabric and I have the same bunching problems that you mentioned. For me, since wearing it is so much of a hassle and makes you feel self-conscious, I would lean towards returning it as well. The color and style is very pretty, but it doesn't seem like it's worth it with all the troubles when wearing it. :\


  11. The first thing I noticed about this top was how well it fit you! I didn't notice the wrinkles at all until you mentioned them, but if they bother you then it's a problem.

  12. So unfortunate about the wrinkles and bunching because the details/fit are beautiful. Don't know if it's worth the effort, but what if you paired it with a blazer or partially buttoned cardi to hide the bunching/wrinkling? BTW - I HEART your coat - you have the best outerwear! :)

  13. The top is really pretty and looks great on you, but I get that the bunching can get annoying. I think if you're not comfortable wearing it, you probably won't reach for it often so it might be better to return. Funny how easy it is for me to tell others to return and not so much when I try to tell myself :P

  14. hmm ya i dont like the bunching when you tuck it in. if you're not happy with it, dont keep it.


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