Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm finally back in SF! I went to the mall yesterday with my bf and we couldn't believe how busy the mall was. I know there are sales everywhere, but I had no desire to really browse. I'm kind of shopped out right now although I haven't shopped in days. I was actually accompanying my bf because he wanted to spend his gift card at J Crew (my gift to him for X-mas), but everything was so picked over. He ended leaving the store empty handed.

I also wanted to take a few minutes to answer questions from the last post.
Angie: I was at a park in Cape Girardeau.
Aubrey: The Via spiga boots run true to size.
I don't really have a skin regimen. I use an Aveno Moisturizer SPF15, Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream and cetaphil to wash my face. I do always make sure that I take off my makeup at night before I go to sleep. I also believe in popping pimples and I have popped everyone I have ever had. My pimples are more like nodules/cysts so if I don't pop them it will never go away. Believe it or not, I have never gotten a scar from popping pimples.
I am also wearing concealer and foundation in the last post which helps make my skin look the way it does.
Jen: Yes, I am using my new Cannon Rebel. We're still learning the features.

Free People Sequin Tank (Very old). XS. (similar here & here)
Express Graphic Infinity Scarf.
Juicy Couture Denim Legging $98.00$48.99. Color Alexey. Size XS.
Coach Finley Kidsuede Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)

Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. I went to the mall today and it was super crowded. JCrew is having additional 40% off sale but I couldn't find anything. Do you have any suggestions for concealer? I am loooking for one and not sure what to pick. Happy New Year to you and your bf :)

  2. Yay! You're back in SF! I love the sequin top you's so festive! Have a happy new year! =)

  3. Hi Ping! Welcome home to the less freezing SF. Too bad you missed the SF blogger meetup that I've been seeing photos of on Jess and Kileen's blogs.

    Happy new year to you and the boyfriend!

  4. Yay, you are back (so sad to have missed you!). I am home too and there's no place like home. I went shopping today too and found some goodies (not on major sale) but all the sale stock is picked over. I can understand your bf's frustration, I was trying to find some small things for my bf too but the men's section is virtually nonexistent.

  5. Happy New Year!! Love the sparkly top! Is the black underneath a part of the top or something you layered?

  6. welcome back to SF!! we missed you in our last blogger meetup! the malls were certainly crazy and i waited 30 minutes yesterday at Urban Outfitters to return a few things! i love the sequin tank on you though -- it's very festive and gorgeous!

  7. You look so nice Ping! Love those pumps and jeans!!!! :)

  8. sydney-- in regards to your question about concealer, i have only used bobbi brown so i guess i'm a little biased...
    here are a few items for under the eyes:
    creamy concealer
    tinted eye brightener

    i used only the corrector and i find that it neutralizes purples/greens/dark shadows under the eyes the best. if you are my color, you'd use the light bisque color. if you are darker, either bisque or peach will work.
    some people use the corrector and then the concealer. i find that to be too heavy. the tinted eye brightener has a lighter coverage and acts like the corrector.
    i hope that helps.

  9. yay you're back in san fran! oh I've been to that mall before! hehe totally remember the juicy. you look great and hope that you had a great NYE!

  10. Really cute top, you look fabulous!

  11. @sydney: I heard that bobbi brown's concealers have the best matches for asian skins. Ping, any confirmation of this? but this is the concealer I'd recommend too.

    Ping is back in action!! How'd you hold up in that cold?

    I met Jean & Kelly in SD. Wish you could have been there!

  12. I love all the sparkles!

    I am with you on the tired of shopping thing. For me, it was the layers and layers of clothng I had on in Seattle, I had little desire to try on clothes. The only place in Seattle I did real shopping at was at Free People. :p Sadly, the new downtown LOFT was so cramped, plus, hardly any petite items. Nordstrom was a zoo, I did not even bother. Funny thing is the guys did more shopping than the ladies, so I was just happy to help them out.

  13. You're so lucky to be in SF, I'm freezing my butt off in NY D: Loving your look Ping and have a very Happy New Year with the bf!

  14. Hey ping,
    I came across your blog through a comment on the FP blog and am so glad I did! I am also a very petite girl obsessed with free people. Anyhow i wanted to pass along to you thaytheir new FP brand jeans are fitting smaller and better than ever before!! I dunno if you've given them a try??! The 24 actually fits me! Hope it works the same for you :)

    A petite FP nerd

  15. Love your outfit!
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me.
    Thanks =)

  16. Happy new year ! I love the first picture ! Looking very chic ;-)

  17. unexpected pairing of the scarf and sequin top. very stylish!

  18. Cute outfit! I've only recently started to use concealer daily, and have been using a Lancome one but I feel like I have such fair skin that my dark circles are especially prominent, and it's not really doing that great of a job concealing them.


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