Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ombre Highlights Update and Aldo Leopard Print Snood

This is a follow up from this post. I got my ombre highlights re-freshened last week. If you're unfamiliar with ombre highlights, it's a style of coloring where the roots are darker and the ends are lighters. The maintenance is much lower than your normal highlights.
I wanted a lighter but ashier color than what I had last time. If you look at the last couple of pictures, you can see my hair turned really brassy and bright! OMG -- I did not like this at all. It was exactly what I did not want. Even though after my stylist lifted my natural color shades lighter and toned it, the brassiness did not go away. I went back this weekend to put more toner on it, the result was so much better. If you're in the SF area and are looking for an awesome stylist, I highly recommend Rox from Oxenrose ( She was more than happy to take me back for the second visit to fix my hair at NO COST.


Aldo Willianstown Snood. $20.00. I'm not sure if this is called a snood or an infinity scarf. I'm a sucker for anything animal print so I had to have this. Animal always adds a sense of chicness to any outfit. But keep in mind a little animal goes a long way. Haha! Some people go overboard with head to toe animal print.
H&M Pink Cowl Neck Sweater. Size XS (also worn in this post). (similar in other colors here & here)
H&M Bomber Jacket. Size 2. (similar for cheap here & here)
Forever21 Twill Grey Skinnies. Size 0. Very old. (similar here & here)
Vince Camuto Amber Peep-Toe Bootie. Size 5.5. (the close-toed version here)

Ombre Highlights

The results after the 1st round of lifting the color and toning.
It is probably really hard to lighten dark black hair (especially Asian hair) and not get that orange brassy look. This was definitely too bright for me and I was not comfortable with this. I was seriously depressed for the whole week because I really hated it! LoL.

A|X Faux Fur Collar Wrap. XS. Heather Grey. The other color heather snow is on sale for $99. (also worn in this post) (similar here & here)
Free People Skinny Pants. Size 24. (very similar here) I have two pairs of the pants I'm wearing. The older pair seems to fit more snugged in the waist and the newer pair is loose on the waist. I put all my pants in the dryer. I'm not sure if the older pair is tighter due to excessive drying.
Banana Republic Necklace. (similar here, here & here)
Via Spiga Boots. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)

The results after the 2nd round of toning.
I really like this ashier latte brown color. It's more subtle and blends nicely with my dark hair. This is definitely more natural and it doesn't look unprofessional for work.

My weekend was great after I got my hair fixed. Hope everyone has a nice weekend too.


  1. you look hawt! love the leopard scarf, and your hair looks gorg!

  2. ooh i like the new hair! leopard scarf and the chain necklace are a must :)

  3. Love how the leopard scarf makes your outfit pop and your layered chain necklace in the second outfit is hot!

    I totally know how it's annoying that dark hair ends up brassy orange. The WORST! Glad you were able to get the desired ashy color. Very pretty. =]

    <3s Serena.

  4. Hi, Ping. I still have my "virgin hair", lol, because I am so totally afraid of the unexpected bad result. And I hate chemicals. I literally can faint in chemicals. :D I'm glad you finally got the hair you wanted and having a hair stylist who can work with you is so important. I LOVE highlights. Maybe one of those days I will try something new.

  5. I love your scarf and booties! They scream chic and you make everything look so good together. I do like your second round of highlights much better - glad that it worked out because like you, I get rather upset when my hair does not turn out the way I expect it to after a trip to the salon.

  6. I really didn't think the first pictures were terrible (but oh I surely know what you mean about brassy orange...I've had one too many toner-less disasters) but the photos after the fix up are gorgeous. I love how it fades into a delicious looking milky brown. I think I did not find the first set too awful because a Vancouver blogger i follow (le mode du jour) has the reverse highlights in that color and I didn't think they looked bad for someone with edgier style. Either way, I'm so glad you got it fixed to your liking because I knew you were bummed out about it : (

    Beautiful outfits as usual. "snood" is such a strange word. I love the ensembles containing faux fur, leopoard, faux leather, open toe booties, tall boots, basically everything I love for colder weather!

  7. You look smoking hot in those shoes, seriously! They are such killers and I like how you wear them with a leopard print scarf. I also love how you style the BR necklace with AlX faux fur wrap.

    Your hair color after the 2nd round is lovely. I too experienced the orange-y reddish hair after coloring. I would love to achieve chocolate brunette color tone but no success so far. Hate to have my hair bleached to get that result.

  8. You look so pretty Ping! I love the faux faur on you and those shoes are so cute!

  9. The highlights look lovely, and so does your cut. Love all the outfits. You are just fab!

  10. wow the gradient is done so well. From the pictures, I really can't tell where it begins. 2nd round is definitely a knock-out!

    Gosh, I've never heard this term "snood." Reminds me of the game. Have you ever played? I prefer infinity scarf. I purchased a leopard one from Express over black friday. Now all of the sudden, I want more animal print everything. (cue Britney's Gimme Gimme more...gimme more).

  11. ohh how pretty your hair is with the highlight! I guess I always had the ombre highlight? not intentionally just because I let it grow out cuz i'm lazy hahahaha doesn't look nearly as nice as yours :)

  12. I used to dye my hair so often it turned that ugly brassy color, so I understand how annoying it can be. The new color looks great and it has a nice luster to it too!

    Your outfits are fab as always and is that SF City Hall I see the background? It's been a while, so I'm not sure, but it looks so familiar! =)

  13. I don't think the 1st round was that bad but I understand why you wanted your hair to be redone. Your hair looks gorgeous after the 2nd round for sure. I have done enough damages to my poor hair so I don't think I would ever color them again. This ombre highlights suits you so well since your style is edgy. BTW, I am so jealous with the sunshine in the background. It is currently 10 degrees where I live. Brrr!

  14. I didn't think the first try was terrible but I love how your hair looks now after going back. Love the "snood", I am in love with leopard accents this season and have been looking for small items like belts. I love how you wear animal!

  15. Sorry that you had to experience a week of hair dissatisfaction. I love the idea of highlighted bottoms, instead of roots. It looks gorgeous on you!

    The shoes and heels are so hot!

  16. oh wow, i love that leopard snood. i'll have to see if my local Aldo has one. thanks for the tip!

    and i love how new ombre highlights! the new color does blend in really well with your natural hair color and looks really great against your skin tone too.

  17. The toning made such a huge difference! It looks much better! That's awesome she did it for free too.

  18. I love those open toe booties! Check out my blog at

  19. Leena, Angie & Serena-- thanks!

    Vicki-- i had virgin hair for awhile also until recently. it was very hard to let go, lol.

    SewPetite-- isn't hair so important for a female?!

    Jean--ohh i just checked her out! oh i like her color. she definitely pulls it off a lot better than i did!

    ReallyPetite & GirlBlog-- thanks!

    Aubrey-- haha you are too funny! i'm going to think you u now every time i hear that song.

    Julie -- lol!! i totally know what you mean.

    Stylepint -- yes it is city hall! you have a good eye.

    PLG-- oh 10 degree sounds cold!! i am terrified of the cold.

    Elle/TinyinTexas/Michelle/Kileen-- thanks ladies!

    Abbie-- thank for visitng. I will definitely check out your blog.

  20. Your hair looks great!!! :) The leopard scarf is a show stopper :) I love it!

  21. heeey ! =) i love your new hair ^^ Quick question; how long ago did you buy your faux leather jacket? do you think it's still in store? =) I love that outfit ! thanks in advance =) you're drop dead gorgeous, have a nice day ! ^^

  22. I agree with you, love the color after the second toning!! Your outfits are adorable too! I'll have to get that scarf (I'm obsessed with infinity scarves right now) all of mine are solids.

  23. I definitely love the second round much better! When I highlighted my hair for the first time it turned out the same brassy color and I hated it. Unfortunately I didn't know you can go back and ask them to fix it, I just spent so much time googling and found some product at Sally's that people reccommended and it turned out okay.

    I've never heard of the term snood either... is it like a scarf that's also a hood? Lol that's what I would guess.

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