Monday, April 29, 2013

Costume Jewelry

I never used to be a jewelry or accessory type of gal, but after blogging for a few years I've learned that a statement piece goes a long way. If you took away the necklace and belt, the outfit would be bland and boring like a cake without frosting. I'm a rather big fan of costume jewelry, but prefer to purchase inexpensive pieces for the reason that most costume jewelry is made of cheap metals and imitation stones. So I do tend to stay away from designer types and shop for them at retailers like Forever21. That's just my take, but I could totally understand why someone (with a bigger budget) would be willing to shell out more for designer pieces because of their unique designs and esthetics.
Ladies, what's your take on costume jewelry and is their a limit on how much you'd spend on a piece?
Loft Petite Modern Skinny Jeans. Light Autumn Indigo. 00P /24.
(also available in darker autumn, soft blue, black, grey & rinse wash.)
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AT Placket Blouse (similar here).
Forever21 Belt. (similar here  & with other pretty colors available too)
B. Makowsky Purse. (similar here)
AT Pumps. (similar here)
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 Here's a few beautiful necklaces that are statement pieces on their own and all under $21!
Dangling Beaded Necklace | Bauble Necklace | Bejeweled Teardrop Necklace

And for those who have requested hair & makeup tutorials, I will try to get to it in the next couple of weeks. I hear ya!


  1. I stay close to F21 as well. They've actually upped the prices a little bit, but the quality has improved in those pieces as well. I just spent $100 on a necklace from J Crew. It'll probably get knocked off, but I can't see a dupe having the same quality of this particular one. In general I like to say around $20 or less. There are so many choices these days!

    1. Hi Gigi! I totally agree with you that F21 has upped their prices overall and not just their jewelry. Not everything is great, but if you're willing to look and dig sometimes you could find some pieces at a good bargain. I do love J Crew, but their jewelry to me is so overpriced! But if you love it and see yourself wearing it all the time then it's worth it. $20-25 is also my cut off point for costume jewelry. Anything over that price point, I'd have to really consider!

  2. My problem is that I can't bring myself to buy costume jewelry if it looks and feels like low quality, even if it's inexpensive, but I can't afford the nicer stuff, so then I end up wearing the same two or three pieces all the time. I'm trying to get around that by looking for local, independent designers, but I'm still so picky!

  3. Your picks for statement necklaces are beautiful!! thank you for doing that...

  4. Very pretty colors on you. Love the AT blouse with the pinks.

    Excited for your hair/makeup tutorials.

    1. LOL! Thanks, Michelle. My hair & makeup is really basic and truly not that exciting, but I'm willing to share for those who are interested.

  5. I'm sometimes afraid of large statement pieces b/c I feel like I'm being swallowed but seeing these pieces on some of you petites makes me think maybe I can pull it off ;). I don't mind the pieces from F21 & similar, but I do have problems if the "metal" starts flaking/oxidizing really soon or looks totally fake.


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