Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From Last Weekend & BR Reviews

These pictures are from last weekend where SPG, Karen and I spent the afternoon with lunch at Soma Street Food Park, then fabric shopping in the Mission and a couple of cocktails to unwind after a day of hard work! ;)
I can't believe this week has flown by so quickly. It's almost the weekend again and I'm so excited for the beautiful weather. 
 FP Military Jacket. (similar - great reviews!)
H&M Sweater. (similar and under $15)
Urban Outfitter BDG Grazer Jeans. Size 24. Ankle area slimmed.
  BP.  'Trolley' Ankle Boot. Size 5. Cognac leather. Read my review here.

I took these fitting room pics a few weeks ago and am just getting around to posting them. 
BR is running a promo for 30% off everything and the deal is good until Sunday (5/5). 
promo code: BRDERBY
 I actually really like the simple silhouette of this shift dress and how it's loosely fitted. It's a very easy dress to wear and something you can throw on and leave the house with. The only issue is the zipper where my hand is grabbing at in the right picture. The fabric is lightweight while the zipper is stiff. The stiff zipper caused the fabric not to lay and drape nicely which is my main complaint and deal breaker!

BR Lola Peplum Dress. 00P. Petite size only available in store.
 I love the peplum detail to this simple dress! It fits close to a H&M size 2 and hugs the body so beautifully! The dress is double cloth so no visible bra or panty line will peep through. It'd be beautiful paired with a statement necklace and neon colored sandals for a casual look or with a blazer and pumps for work. I highly recommend this dress!
 BR Hampton-Fit Dot Crop. 00P.
These pants had so much potential! I love that the fabric is thicker and has a nice weight to it. The dot print and color is super cute and versatile. It fits pretty decently throughout the legs and the inseam isn't too bad either. The only issue was the huge waist! I'm not sure if every tailor has the same method, but my tailor takes the waist in from the back. If a pair of pants' waist is really big and they have back pockets, my tailor will advise not to take them in as it will bring the butt pockets really close. So this is something she wouldn't alter for me and I can totally understand why.

This blazer looked really small on the hanger, but for some reason was not as fitted as I imagined it would be. Jean and I are about the same size, but for some reason the blazer fits her well while it's so loose on me, especially in the chest area. The only thing I can think of is sizing inconsistency or my boobs really shrank (eeekkk!) -- hope it's the former issue.

Here are my other picks from their newest arrivals: 
Lemon Drop Halter Dress | Orange Patio Dress | Textured Colorblock Sheath | Colorblock Pencil Skirt | Moroccan Necklace (on the expensive side but so pretty!)


  1. You ladies look great! I am excited for the beautiful weather we have this weekend as well. I really love the white peplum dress on you. Haven't been to BR in ages but will keep this dress in mind.

  2. I think Jean reviewed a different striped blazer. Loved all the reviews!

  3. Aw!! You girls look so great! Love your FP jacket. But it looks like you had too much juice in your cocktail. :p

    That white peplum dress is adorable on you!! Did you get it?

  4. I have those BR pants and love them! My tailor made two darts, one over each back pocket which helps with the whole pockets-too-close thing.

  5. Great photos ;)
    I really like your blog, what about following each other ?
    Let me know :D

  6. LOVE the peplum dress on you! It's always fun to hang out with you ladies :)


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