Monday, May 16, 2011

Sandals -- Sexy and Comfy!

Hi Ladies-- I have been on the hunt for some sexy and comfy sandals (for the longest time) and I finally found them this weekend at Nordies and they are decently prices. I am so excited to wear these.

Nine West "Metric" Wedge Sandals - Size 5.5. Runs true to size. I been wanting nude sandals that I can pair with everything. I love the heel height, its not too low or too high. They also elongate the legs nicely. These are perfect with shorts, skirts or dresses!

I notice recently that I been buying lots of Nine West shoes and not on purpose. I have to say they carry super comfy shoes with decent quality leather and they are also well padded.

Franco Sarto "Vaunt" Sandal - Size 5.5. Runs true to size. Super comfy. I tried these on a couple of days ago and I couldn't stop thinking about and knew I had to go back and get them!!

I love the the straps and animal print. They are so sexy. I read this review online and it totally made me laugh!

"I'm a 67 yr.old grandma wearing these Vaunt sandal to my grand daughters wedding. They are truly comfortable & jazzy"


  1. Both sandals are darling, Ping! Lol at the online review :) Those sandals must be really comfy then :)

  2. the nine west looks super comfy. I like!!!

  3. Love 'em both! Those Nine West sandals were bookmarked last week...wish they offered free shipping on shoes still! Guess I will have to spend $200 on stuff. :p

    Does the Nine West strap in back bother you? That is what I am most worried about.

  4. Michelle-- what a coincidence!! the straps do not bother me one bit. i haven't worn it for a long period of time besides trying it on and walking around in it. i don't see any potential issues at all. i hope you get it!!

    tip about nordies -- you should print out the picture of the shoes and take it to the store and ask them if they carry it. they normally will offer to look up which store has it and offer you free shipping.

  5. That is an AWESOME review LOL! So hard to find hot AND comfy footwear - I usually just settle for comfy and tall :D Both are so cute but I'm especially intrigued about the nude sandals - I never even thought of that!

  6. I LOVE the wedges! I've been on the hunt for a good spring/summer wedge so I'm going to look into those, thanks for the review :)


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