Saturday, May 21, 2011

Urban Outfitter Blouses and Skirt

It's been awhile since I stepped foot into Urban Outfitters. The UO in SF has 3 stories and that store is so messy and crowded, it deters me from going in. I really can't stand messy stores. I decided to drive across the golden gate bridge and stopped by another UO which was a lot more neat, clean and organized.

It was quite a successful shopping trip and below are the items I got and love.

Urban Outfitter Printed Chiffon Blouse. Size XS. The website offers the same blouse, but in different prints. This is a roomy blouse so if you're looking for something on the fitted side then I'd skip on this. I really love the print and don't mind that it's roomy at all.

Urban Outfitter Kimchi Gold A-line Skirt. Size XS. (similar here, here & here)
I was surprised that this skirt fits so well. I normally have issues with the waist being roomy with most brands, but this skirt fits perfect. (For reference my waist is 23"). This is my favorite purchase, I think it's absolutely adorable and so easy to wear. It's also very light weight and flowy so it would be great for those hot summer days.,

Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Polka Dot Blouse. Size XS.
I believe this print is sold out online, but the white color is still available. I have a soft spot for polka dots and bows --so cute! I thought this top would be great for the weekend or to wear to work.

A couple of you asked me about the ASOS PETITE Exclusive Pleat Front Peg Pants (Size 0P) from the last post. Here are pictures of the back of the pants. Hope that satisfies your curiosity!!!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! :)


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first outfit you're wearing! the sheer top and bright yellow skirt are a match made in heaven! the colour of the pants is great though i'm not crazy about the style. they certainly look better on you than they would on me!

    <3 pandaphilia

  2. Looking amazing in everything Ping!!! <3 I have to buy the yellow skirt!

  3. The heavens opened when I saw that gray polka dot blouse!!.......but then they closed again when you said it was no longer available on line. Lol The first outfit is so feminine, it's right up my alley and those pants look soooo amazing on you......I'm going to have to check them out online.

  4. My favorite is the UB Pins and Needles Polka Dot Blouse. It looks so lovely on you. The fit is great too. I have to stop by my local store and see if they still have it. Thanks for sharing, Ping.

  5. I love both the Polka Dot blouse and the yellow skirt! They look great on you :)

  6. Great purchases! I especially like the gold skirt and polka dot shirt as well :) The gold is such a lovely color on you!

  7. You look INCREDIBLE! I love all of your new purchases. :)

  8. back of the pants look greaT! very harem-esque. you wear high waisted well. That bubble butt sure helps!

    From clicking the links, I like the clothes so much better on you. I would never add these items to my cart if I saw it on the models.

  9. You look so beautiful in all of these floaty looks! The first is my favorite though - I love yellow this season :) Gorgeous...thank you for sharing...

  10. The pants look great! The high-waist and heels makes your legs look long. I have long body and short legs so I can't pull that look off!


  11. Baby your blog is so cool!
    Come to me :)

    The yellow ball

  12. Love everything you got here. My favorite is the A-line yellow skirt. So cute!


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