Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vacay Pics

The 2 pics above -- my bf's fave. Threatened to stop taking my blog photos if I don't post them. LoL.

VS Forever Sexy Push-Up Bandeau Top. Leopard Print. Size 32A. I got it because of the push up padding and the hidden underwire cups. I also recommend sizing down one size.
Bottom: Old VS Brazilian bottom.

Top by Free People.
H&M Crochet Shorts. Size 2. (similar here & here)
VS -Colin Stuart® Double-strap Flip-flop. Size 6. Normally wear a 5.5, but the size 5 was too tight.

Catching up on blogs!! My bf thinks I'm addicted.
I been away this week and I apologize for the lack of commenting. I am reading though!

I had to kiss the frog.
H&M Blouse. Size 2. (similar here & here)
F21 Shorts (old).

Having dinner along the marina...

My favorite kind of food: filet mignon, lobster tail, tequila shrimp and sea bass!
And yes that is A1 (my favorite sauce!). I'm always too embarrassed to ask for it at a nice steakhouse, but in Mexico they give it to you without asking.


  1. Oh gosh, my bf does the same thing to when it comes to demanding pics on the blog. He did a wonderful job and you look so sexy in your bikini. -wink- I love that floral F21 shorts that you have on, so billowy that it looks like a skirt! So cute. =0D Pssht, I say you should always ask for sauce at a steak house! One time at a swanky steak restaurant I asked if it came in a smaller portion and I got the most withering look ever from the waitor. LOL!

  2. Aw, you guys look so happy together! I LOVE the bikini action shots - so magazine like!

  3. I love the pics! You have an amazing bikini bod ; ) My bf is like yours & Hanna's when it's about demanding pics on the blog. LOL

  4. You are a beautiful couple. It's so nice to have a bf to support your blog and to take your pictures.

  5. Aww you and your bf look so cute together!! I want your h&m blouse with tie, last time I went they only had that in black and long sleeves :T really like the 3rd pic of you on the beach, looks so professional!

  6. You look amazing Ping! ...and that food yum!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, and you both look so happy - it's adorable ;)

  7. Oh my goodness, you look SO good. Where were you vacationing? The food and beer looks delicious!!!

  8. i like the highlights in your hair and you look so urban when checking your blogs lol :) so much fun frolicking in the waves! god you have an amazing beach bod

  9. amazing pictures Ping and you look great in the bikini! you and your bf are so cute too!

    cute & little

  10. Looks like your having a great time - where in Mexico? You look great in your bikini. At that Senor Frog's retailer, I had to ask for separate bags for each item I bought because my daughter is crazy in love with that frog!

  11. How old is your boyfriend?

  12. Your photos look great! I love the 3rd one :) I have one of the push up bikini tops from VS too, but it's a classic bikini style, not the bandeau style like yours. I don't think it really pushes anything up, so I might get one of the bandeau styles instead.

  13. Heyyyy there gorgeous :) You look fabulous! & your and your man are super cute together! I love the bikini bottom you have!

  14. I love the last pic. His upper body looks so broad compare to your tiny frame & w/one arm, he can wrap it around you the whole way.


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