Sunday, August 7, 2011

Makeup I Love. Update on Lashes. Keep or Return?

I love highlighters, but I feel that they normally accentuate my fine lines & wrinklies. But I did finally find one that has such a pretty golden color and it doesn't make my fine lines & wrinkles look more obvious. This Mac Honour (frost) Powder Blush gives the face a nice glow without looking shiny or oily! See last pic -- I think you can see the shimmer/glow better!

I have extremely oily eyelids and every eye liner I have worn has ended up on the bottom of my eyes. I swear I have tried all the waterproof eyeliner in the market and nothing works for me, until now! Mac's Liquid Eyeliner isn't even waterproof, but for some reason it doesn't run at all. I wore it all day to work and then to the gym and no raccoon eyes at all. The firm tapered applicator also allows for you to draw really thin lines. I am extremely impressed with this product and definitely will re-purchase in the future!

I've also been obsessing over purple lip glosses. I am wearing Bobbi Brown's Lilac Sugar Shimmer lip gloss. I feel that it brightens the lips without adding too much color which I love.

For those of you who have asked for an update on the lash extensions, here they are below. I am actually really loving them still. The first couple of days was tough because I had to get used to not rubbing my eyes. I don't even notice that I even have them on anymore. A couple of fallen of lashes have fallen from both eyes, but nothing too significant where you can notice. My roommate saw me early in the morning this weekend and asked why I had on makeup and didn't realized it was just my lash extensions. So I do love that I look like I have on makeup all the time! Haha!

I bought this Hinge® Faux Fur Oversize Chubby Coat during the Nordstrom sale. I am wearing a size small here. I just checked the website and realized it comes in an extra small. Too bad it wasn't available when I picked it up at the store. It is a bit over-sized on me, but I don't think that part bothers me too much. I do love that the coat is super soft and very heavy so it would be great for the winter days. The issue I am having is that I think the coat looks kind of over the top.

What do you guys think? Is it too over the top?! I'm leaning towards return, but I also really love it. At the same time, I hate when people stare and I feel like this coat will get lots of stares.


  1. it's a luxurious coat and i have a cheap f21 one but yeah ... people get the wrong impression - that i'm either an animal killer or a streetwalker. it's pretty expensive - return

    pandaphilia fashion

  2. angie-- lol your comment totally made my laugh out loud! my bf think i'm crazy laughing at the computer. i totally agree with you...the coat totally screams "ping-the-animal-killer-slash-streetwalker"

  3. Lol at Angie's animal killer/streetwalker comment! I think you pull off over-the-top items so well...but if you do not want the stares, definitely return!

    And where are these wrinkles you speak of?! :p Glad your eyelashes are doing so well! That gloss is so pretty! I want to dig out my purple gloss for tomorrow!

  4. Your eyelashes look amazing! Animal trend is really big this Fall. The coat looks so warm and comfy though. Maybe you can return this one and exchange for an XS instead?

  5. The coat will probably get a lot of looks but if it were me I would be thinking dang that coat is CUTE. Where did she get it?! Although if you feel uncomfortable in it then return it.
    So can you not ever rub you eyes after having your eyelashes done?

  6. You look so glamorous in that coat. I wish I could get lashes extension.

  7. Sydney-- I was thinking the samething (exchange for an XS) if I was to keep the coat.

    Bre-- LoL! Thanks! No you can't rub your eyes. I mean you can, but it will likely cause some lashes to fall off.

    Nelah-- Thanks! You can get lash extensions!

  8. I still am so in love with the look of your eyelashes especially since it seems like such a makeup time saver!

    It does seem like the coat seems too big - I agree with Sydney about maybe exchanging for the XS. Nordie's has such great customer service, I just finished exchanging something over the phone this morning :)

    I need to try that MAC eyeliner! My eyeliner stays put when I wear glasses but somehow when I wear contacts (too much rubbing / eye watering?) my eyeliner migrates all over the place.

  9. You should exchange it for the XS. And definitely keep it! What's the point of fashion if no one's gonna look? : ) People will only think streetwalker if you dress like one (ie mini skirt, bra, and that coat). I have one as well, from FCUK. (this one) I don't know why the reg price says $128 but it used to say $159

  10. I like the coat, if you can exchange for a smaller size that'd be nice, if not I always love frumpy fur like coats for winter, I think they're so chic when you wear with skinny jeans and a pair of hot boots :)

  11. Thanks for the update on the lashes....I was wondering how that was going.
    About the coat....I think it's fabulous!! Totally wearable with destroyed denims or with a little charcoal pencil dress (I say keep it but then again, I would hate to get stared at)! Lol If you could exchange for an xs that would be ideal!

  12. Thanks for posting the update on the lashes! I just made an appointment to get mine done later this month. Super excited! I was actually just about to search whether I could still wear eyeliner but now that I've read this post, that answers my question. :]

  13. Nice pics!!!


  14. thank you everyone for your input! i have decided to return the size small and exchange it for a XS!

    JC-- so excited for you. you're going to love them and yes you can wear NON-Waterproof eyeliner. :)

  15. Hi, I'm glad that you decided not to return the jacket and just exchanged it. It looks fantastic and I think that every women needs a leopard print jacket!

  16. ooh love that side view of the lashes!

    That jacket is waaay too over the top for ME but for you?!? You can TOTALLY pull it off!


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