Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gym-ing it in my Zobha Gear

Remember this post that I did long time ago asking you ladies to help me pick the color combo for my workout outfit? Well, I ended up just getting only the purple straight leg carpi and a more neutral color top.

I have only been to this gym 2x this month and feel terrible about it. I should go at least 2x a week and not 2x a month. LoL! Totally wasting money...

And please excuse the naked no makeup face! I normally go to the gym after work with my makeup on, but today I just woke up and decided to hit the gym with no makeup. Haha! Yes, I'm one of those girls who go to the gym with makeup. So sue me :P

Zobha Straight Leg Capri. Size 2. Available in many fun bright colors. I usually sweat a lot and this material is really thick and doesn't really show sweat stains. The fit is on the semi-looser side (compared to how normal leggings fit), I wished they were just a tad tighter. I know it's hard to tell. If you're my size or a bit bigger, the size 2 will definitely fit you.
Zobha Top. Size 2. (see similar here in lots of color options!) It's no longer available and I got it on sale for $20! It's definitely a steal because their stuff is expensive.


  1. You're soooooooooo scrawny omg

  2. Great choices!

    Your hair is so cute!

    I know what you mean about not using the gym! We renewed our yearly gym membership in January and just started going this month...only twice! :/

  3. I agree with Michelle - your hair is so cute! Did you do a french braid? You look gorgeous with or without makeup so it really doesn't make a difference. Cute color combo!!

  4. Those capris are fantastic. I sweat a butt-load as well so I'll definitely have to give these a shot!


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