Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ON Chambray/Jeggings Part 2 & 30% off

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post today since Old Navy, Gap & BR is having a promo (ends 19th). They're offering 30% off with code NEWYOU. I haven't used it, so definitely read the restrictions.

Read my initial review here for the Rockstar jeggings in 0R & chambray in XS regular.
I decided to reorder the jeggings in size 0S & 0P & chambray in XSP to compare.

Old Navy Dark Chambray. Size XSP. I apologize the pics aren't very good! The fit of the shoulders & sleeves are slimmer in the XSP compared to the XS regular. The length of the shirt is shorter, but torso is still wide making it very boxy looking. I'd think the petite would fit slimmer in the torso, but it really doesn't. I prefer the longer length of the XS regular for tucking into jeans/pants.

Wearing Above:
Rock Star Jeggings in Saucy Red. Size 0P.

Rock Star Jeggings in Ruby. Size 0S.
I definitely like the fit of the 0P & 0S compared to the 0R. The inseam of the smaller sizes are shorter and the overall fit is tighter so there are less bunching compared to the 0R.
What I'm SUPER confused about is that the 0S is smaller than the 0P?!?

You can see in the last picture with the jeggings laying flat that the 0P (Saucy red) is wider in the waist and hips area. Did ON mislabel? Is the 0S suppose to be a 0P and vice versa?

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this. Do you think one fits better than the other?


  1. I like the colored jeggings. You are so petite and pretty.

  2. So weird - I think I saw somewhere that different colors might fit differently? But maybe that was in reference to something else? I love that red color on you!!

    And you are unintentionally making me want to buy stuff! :D I ordered a chambray shirt from ON yesterday but I think it's different bc the buttons aren't white

  3. I know that these ON jeggings are really weirdly sized, plus they are mass produced with not that much accuracy. The different fabric/ color choices seem to have different sizing. Check the online reviews for more accurate sizings maybe?

    I really like the red ones on you!! The black ones seem to fit well too!

  4. Funny - I'm wearing a Chambray and Skinnys in my post today! ;)

    xo, tasha
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  5. Very interesting about the 0s and 0p! Thank you for sharing!

    I am curious to see an outfit pic...that usually helps me decide if something is a keeper are not!

  6. gorgeous!!! i am loving the jeggings!

  7. I have the ON jeggings in ruby - I think I read in the reviews that the different colors all fit a little differently. The fabric makeup of each color is a little different, which may explain why. I'm convinced the ruby must run the smallest - I saw (in the reviews) that the colored ones tend to run bigger, and I tried the white ones on in store and didn't have the same fit/cling as the ruby did. They both look great on you!


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