Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anthropologie Reviews [Petites in Stores]

I have a co-worker who always dresses super cute and shops mostly at Anthropologie. I told her that I don't really shop there because they don't have petite sizes in their stores and am afraid to order from their website in case things don't fit and I need to return. The fear is due to a friend telling me she got banned from buying and returning via Anthro's website frequently (yes, she got a letter saying she is blacklisted!!). My co-worker goes, "well they have a huge petite section in the SF downtown store!" What?! I never knew of this! I guess I've been living under a rock because I had no idea Anthro started carrying petites in their B&M stores. Anyway, I stopped by the store this weekend and the petite section is indeed huge! I'm really excited to have another store carrying petites because I honestly hate ordering and returning stuff from online.
Anthropologie Ophora Dot Dress. Size XXSP. [Fits True to Size]
It's really hard to tell in these pictures, but the polka dots are a gold color (not white) which is different from what you normally see. I also like the dot size and that they are not too small or big (I hate big polka dots!). The dress is made of a thick knit fabric which is so comfortable to wear and (from what I can remember) is also fully lined. The length of the dress is great for shorter petites and I love that it hits above the knee to show more leg. The flattering V-neckline helps elongate the torso and the cross draping also gives the illusion of a slimmer waist. There is also an exposed zipper down the center back. Oh, it also has pockets!! Who doesn't love pockets? I ended up passing on the dress due to price, but I'd definitely buy on a good sale.
 Anthropologie Maite Tunic. Size XXP. [Recommend 1 size up]
I have a lot of solid color tops so I thought this would be a fun addition to my wardrobe. I like the bright colors, pattern and the mixed media. The length is also longer and great to pair with tights or leggings. There is also gathering across the bust (where the lace and the printed fabric connect), so if you are small chested (like me) this gives the illusion that you're more endowed than you actually are. The fit of the sleeves was really tight and the armholes felt restricting as well. The hips ran narrow and I like my tops to be a little more relaxed in a woven fabric.
Anthropologie Pinion Dress. 00P. [Fits True To Size]
Oh my gosh, this dress had all the hanger appeal! I love the beautiful bold colors and the brush stroke print! The fabric had a nice weight and was also fully lined. The fit, on the other hand, was less appealing (on me) and I thought it made me look a little juvenile. I have a long torso, so this dress seemed to sit really high on my waist (almost empire style). The combination of heavy fabric and lots of gathers creates this poofy effect! I felt like I could be a wedding cake topper! A reviewer online mentioned that there's a layer of tulle underneath the skirt (I don't remember that) so if you love this dress and want to de-poof it, you can always take out that layer. It is a beautiful dress with pockets and an exposed zipper down center back. Unfortunately, this was a no for me but the small petite sizes are sold out online so it must fit other people well.
 Anthropologie Quilted Tema Dress . 00P. [Fits True To Size] Also comes in a rust and green color.
I like the tailored look of this dress mixed with the floral print and bows on the straps (I know it's hard to see!). The pockets are also a nice touch and the length hits right above the knee. The overall fit is nice, with the minor issue of the straps not laying flat against my shoulders (but an easy alteration by un-doing the lining and shortening the straps). This dress gets lot of positive reviews online and everyone loves the fit and the green color. I don't have much to say because I'm feeling kind of indifferent about it and I also don't really need a pencil dress in my life at the moment.
Anthropologie Wrapped Wool Coat. XXSP. [Fits True to Size]
I love the rust color and the fit of this jacket! The silhouette  is very flattering since it nips in at the waist and flares out at the hips. It's made of a boiled wool fabric and is also unlined. If you have super sensitive skin, this might not be for you since it felt a little itchy to me (but I wasn't extremely bothered by it). It also has a hood which made the coat more casual which is great for the weekends or casual work settings. The sleeves are a little wide to accommodate a long sleeve or sweater and I think the length is also perfect. The minor issue is that the back length is a little long on me, but that's my fault since I have bad posture and stand with the hips forward. I'd would purchase if this went on sale.
Anthropologie Iguazu Pencil Skirt.XXSP. [Fits True To size] + Nettie Pullover. XXSP
This skirt! I love the fun print!! My collection of (solid and neutral color) pencil skirts are so dull, it'd seriously put you to sleep. Honestly, I can't even...LOL! I like the longer length of this skirt and thought it's more sophisticated than what I normally wear. There is no waist gap and everything fits pretty nice, but here's my little rant. It's an elastic pull on waist skirt! Why isn't there a zipper? I have a small waist and big hips, so I had to wiggle myself out of this skirt and felt like I was stretching out the waist band. It's very spendy for a knit skirt that is on the thin side, but I think the fun print makes up for it. I am definitely stalking this item and hope it goes on sale!

The pullover is just okay in my book. I like the burnout jacquard detail and that it's on the thinner side which makes it easy for layering. The length is too short to wear with pants or jeans and I don't love how it flares out at the bottom. I'd only wear this top tucked into a skirt. So a definite no on the pullover.

Anthropologie is having a sale at their stores and website. Use code "Extraextra" for 25% of their sale items. Happy Shopping and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Whaaattt, they have petites now?! The Palo Alto and Burlingame stores definitely did not have petites up until the end of August! So either this is a new roll out or it's just an SF store thing (or maybe stores in major cities)? When I come back, we're going Anthro shopping, my friend! :)

    PS. Here's the link to my being blacklisted from Anthropologie, lol:

    1. bahahahha! I wasn't sure if you wanted to be outed! :P
      yes, let me know when u r back!!

  2. That last pencil skirt is so cute! Hope you can find it on sale.

    1. I know! I think I can style it many different ways too!

  3. That polka dot dress is super cute! I'm not normally an Anthropologie fan (not always my style and the pricing leaves much to be desired) but that dress might make me reconsider.

    1. yeah pricing is quite above my budget as well, but I do love that their stuff is more unique than other retailers. another item on my stalking list! lol. will definitely alert readers if this goes on sale. ;)


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