Sunday, October 12, 2014

Comfy Outfit + Columbus Weekend Purchases

This is my idea of comfy these days and also what I wore to school a couple of weeks ago. I remember years ago when I went to college (to get my BS) and lived in the dorms, my idea of comfy was shorts or mini skirt, tank top and Ugg boots. I still have those same Ugg boots, but I only wear them around my apartment because they're so cozy. During my old college days, I'd even sometimes roll out of bed and wear my pajamas with flip flops to class. To think about it, it's so embarrassing and can't believe I would do such a thing. I guess something about living in the dorms and being so close to school made me feel like it was okay to be sloppy?? I'm sure my professors and some classmates were thinking, eww what is this girl wearing. I have come along way...

Speaking of old college days, I've had this LV speedy since then! My friends used to ask me if it was a fake. Hahahaha! I'd never carry a fake!
Stitch Fix Sonoma Stripe Top. XS | UO BDG Mid Rise Jeans (in another color). Size 24 | BP Trolley Ankle Booties Size 5 (sized down 1/2 size) |   F21 Cardigan. Size S | LV Speedy (via Real Real)

I'm really surprised that this F21 cardigan is not sold out yet! I was expecting something flimsy when I placed the order, but it's made out of a really nice weight knit. The next time I make a F21 order, I will pick up another in the burgundy or oatmeal color or both since it's so cheap.  
I've been in search for grey booties for the longest time and found these Halogen booties on sale at Nordstrom this weekend! The ones I'm trying are a size 5 and they felt pretty snug, so I had them order me a size 5.5 (my normal size) and I have a pretty good feeling they're going to fit. I'll do a review on them once they come. These also come in a burgundy which is another nice fall color. These booties start at size 4 so it's great for ladies with small feet!

I also purchased a plaid skirt from H&M. It's actually the same exact style as the F21 grey skirt I'm wearing above! I love it so much, I couldn't help but purchase a dupe in another color. What's great about the H&M version is that the size 2 fits perfectly in the waist and no alterations are needed, but it is slightly more expensive than the F21 version (worth it though). I also picked out an H&M knit tube scarf in the mustard color (only available in store) and thought it would be the perfect color for my neutral outfits. The deal with H&M (in store) is that they'll give you a 10% discount if you sign up to get their newsletters. I told the cashier that I'm already signed up and she was nice enough to give me the discount anyway. So nice!


  1. Lol at the pajamas and flip flops! :p
    That top is really cute. Looks nice with a long necklace.

    1. you know you've done it Michelle!!! lol

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  3. I'm sure no one noticed what you were wearing in college because they were all dressed the same! I know I definitely rocked PJs to my fair share of college classes. :)

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    1. Hi there. Thanks so much for your feedback! I normally don't mind comments about me (good or bad), but I just want to keep it positive. I hope you understand! Please feel free to email me if you'd like to chat more about it.


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