Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oversize + Cozy

A little sad that our Indian Summer was short lived and fall weather is finally here. It's been drizzling the last couple of days and I wish it would rain harder. Not because I love the rain, but because my car needs a wash super bad!! Speaking of car, these booties are not good for driving. When my foot presses on the gas or brake petal, the top edge of the shoes push against my shin. So I do have to take off my shoes when I'm driving, but other than that I love these booties! I have worn them to school, a couple of times to work and out shopping. Very comfy and easy to walk in, but I am used to walking in high heels. I don't wear anything else but heels and people never believe me when I tell them that (until they see me everyday in heels). Anything without a heel is uncomfortable to me...I swear!  
Halogen Camden booties. Size 5.5 | F21 Cardigan (S)  and Jeans (24) | Botkier Bag. Similar


  1. Love these booties on you the more I see them :)

    Yes, let the rain wash your car so I don't mistaken it for silver again, hahaha.

    1. bahahahha! I definitely had the silver color comment in mind while writing this post!

  2. Love the cardigan/jacket! Looks super comfy.


  3. That cardigan.....love!


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