Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Pastel and Lace Trim

My friend was going through my closet the other day and she was pulled out one of the coats and said how much she loved it. She asked where I bought it and I told her I made it. She said I should make more of my own clothes again. I'd totally love to, but the task just seems too daunting when you're working full time. I remember it took me a week to make this coat and I'm not even taking into account the time it took me to design and create the first pattern. Before I started school,  I would randomly draw my patterns and sew it up and expect it to fit. Then I got to school and my teacher was like "No, Ping. That's not how it works." You have to draft your first pattern, make a muslin out of it to determine fit issues, then make corrections to your pattern and do another fitting to make sure your corrections were right. This jacket was definitely a labor of love. I made this coat in a red color and the fit was all wonky and then I redid it in this pastel color. I need to wear it more to show off my handy work. I guess I don't read my own blog too often, but I clicked on my DIY tab and I kind of shocked myself with all the things I made in that period of time. LOL!
Asos Sweater. 00P | DIY Coat (similar here + here - comes in petite & on sale) |  Via Spiga Boots. Similar | Stitch Fix Elle Crossbody. Similar | Levi Jeans. Similar - expensive, but I heard great things about this brand and want to try 

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  1. That coat is amazing! I really liked the red one too. I think that's why I have avoided making my own things is because I don't want to make it twice - with muslin and then with fashion fabric. If you don't make it twice, you better make it nice on the first shot!



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