Friday, March 1, 2013

Cheap Thrills Under $20

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! I just wanted to share with you a few items I purchased and am loving this week.
 F21 Box Chain Cross Body - This is a good size crossbody and fits all my essentials like cash, coins, credit cards, compact mirror and a couple of lip-glosses. The fake leather actually doesn't look cheap.  I been wearing this one a lot and of course black goes with everything. It's a great buy!
F21 Colorblocked Geo Scarf - this scarf is my favorite purchase! I love the print and color combo and easily brightens up any outfit. When I was trying this on at the store, a girl saw it on me and quickly snatched one up for herself.
F21 Envelope Crossbody - This is very similar to the J. Crew Edie Bag. I've been admiring the Edie after seeing it on Jean. Of course the quality of this F21 is not as nice, but it was only $20.
BTW what do you ladies think of buying dupes? Is it a do or a don't?
Box Chain Crossbody 


  1. Speaking of buying cheaper alternatives, Elle told me you've been looking into getting the TB Robinson? What are your thoughts?

    1. OMG so funny! i just commented on Elle's post about the Robinson!
      I'm kind of torn about dupes. If the Robinson was a cheaper dupe, I think I'd buy it. For a dupe to be so expensive, I feel like I might as well shell out the extra cash for the real thing. Idk I said, I'm torn.
      Your thoughts?

  2. I might need to go hunt down that scarf for myself.. so cute!!

  3. I'm loving my F21 bag (red one like yours). I thought about buying Eddie but ended up not doing since I didn't like the strap was not adjustable. Even though F21 one is dupe I actually think that one is more practical for me.

  4. Cute scarf!! SO funny we ended up getting the same bag! I didn't see the black one last time I was there though...


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