Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Wedges

Spring and summer are my 2 favorite seasons because of the warmer weather and the fact that I can finally wear sandals! I lived in San Diego for a few years and loved the fact that everyone wore sandals or flip flops all year round. During the winter holidays, I'd come home to SF wearing my sandals/flip flops because I was so used to it and my friends would look at my like I'm nuts. So I'm glad spring is finally here and I have an excuse to buy and wear more sandals!
 I purchased these wedge sandals at Target while I was doing an errand run with the bf. I thought the ankle strap made these casual sandals really sexy and loved the sky high wedges. I tried them on at the store and walked around in them for a few seconds and they felt mighty comfy for wedges that have a 5" heel. I think what adds to the comfort level is the 1 inch platform in the front.
I was SO sure they were going to be my new favorite sandals for spring!
 But after wearing these for the photo shoot, I could feel that the front straps were squeezing my pinky toes and the back straps were scratching my heels. Definitely a no no after just 15 mins!
 So unfortunately these will be going back and my search continues for the perfect spring & summer sandals!
Free People tank. (similar here)
American Eagle jeggings. 00S. (similar here)
Coach clutch. (similar here)
F21 chevron necklace. (similar here & here)


  1. Those wedges are so cute, Ping! It's a shame the straps were too tight, but I'm sure you'll find another even cuter pair. I like your new blog layout, btw!

  2. Too bad the straps aren't comfy...because I adore this this whole outfit on you!

  3. Everything you rock is always so adorable! You look lovely.

  4. Ah, sandal/strappy wedges season is almost upon us...I can't wait to see what other shoes you try on. Too bad these Target ones didn't work out :(

  5. Hi Ping! I don't know why we haven't crossed paths before now because Elle talks about you all the time, and same with SPG. But I hope that'll change now :)

    It's a bummer these sandals didn't work out. They sure look about perfect with the the cheery color and style. I had high hopes for a pair of brown flats sandals from Aldo recently, but they were just a bit narrow, so I'm sending them back. Hope we'll both be able to find our perfect pair of sandals before spring hits.

  6. That's too bad about the sandals being uncomfortable, because I thought they were really cute upon seeing the photos! I love how feminine the top looks, especially with the yellow.

  7. Bummer about the wedges. They would have made a great neutral for the warm season. You look so cute in the white/cream!


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