Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Dinner Outfit + Macy's Sale

My boyfriend and I are doing a nice date night for Christmas Eve since we haven't done that in a while and I'm spending Christmas day with my family at my uncle's restaurant. All mellow stuff and nothing too crazy! We're not too big on presents either and we just all get each other little stuff. I'm super sad and frustrated right now because I purchased a few items from J. Crew for my boyfriend and I realized that I should have received the package by now. I checked my tracking and it said it was delivered a couple of days ago. So obviously one of my neighbors took my package out of the millions of packages in the lobby. I left a note on every floor to return my package and hopefully it will get back to me tonight or else I'm going to have to scramble and find a replacement gift tomorrow.

This year, I asked my brother and cousins what they wanted for Christmas and the answers were quite shocking. My brother said he wanted a USB Cable for Apple Devices, my cousin wanted bralettes with padding, my other cousin wanted an external hard drive or a cardigan to wear with dresses and my brother told me that my other cousin wants a battery for his LG G3. LOL! What?! I'm glad I asked because I would have never guessed these things. For me, I always tell my family to not get me anything and I honestly mean it. I'm really hard to shop for and I have everything I need in my life besides a million dollars. Hahahaha!
This skirt and off-the-shoulder sweater are the rest of the items I kept from my Forever21 purchase. The off-the-shoulder sweater has a nice stretch and material, and much to my surprise, it's not like a flimsy knit shirt. My friend tried it on and was shocked that it was from Forever21. The top hugs the body nicely without being too tight and I actually don't have too many fitted tops (mostly flowy) so this is definitely a nice change (says my bf). This pleated skirt is made of a stretch knit, but the weight almost feel like a scuba material. What I love the most about the skirt are the side pockets at the hips! Anything with pockets gets bonus points. The waist of the skirt (size XS) measures at 25.75" so I did have to take it in by a couple of inches or else the skirt would sit all the down at my belly button.  
Forever 21 Pleated Skirt. Size XS | Forever 21 Off the Shoulder Sweater. XS | Kate Spade purse (similar) | Patent Leather Pointed Pumps (similar and on sale!) | Gorjana necklace - currently on sale

Macy's Promotion: Addition 15% or 20% off sale items (use promo code WRAPUP)
I ordered some of these items at full price last week and I called customer service and was able to get a price adjustment (without any hassle) which is really nice! Here's what I ordered so far and I'm tempted to get more. I've been wanting a shearling jacket forever and this one come in a size XXS. After the discount, the price comes out to be $47. I also picked up the cowl neck sweater, but that one is selling out quick in the smaller sizes. The funnel neck pull over is a close dupe to the cowl neck sweater and there are lots of color options and sizes available.  I couldn't resist getting another LBD and ordered the faux leather fit and flare dress (sold out). My anorak jacket (seen here) is also on sale and it's still available in XXS! If you like any of these items, I'd hurry because these items are definitely selling out quickly.

*Update: I just received my package and the shearling jacket and faux leather dress fits great, but the cowl neck sweater is huge. I'll post pictures later when I have a chance. 
Have a Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Shopping!!!


  1. This is adorable! I love the black and white and red...the color scheme reminds me of Paris :)

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  2. Merry Christmas, Ping!! So sorry to hear about T's present :( I hope it'll turn up and be one of those better-late-than-never stories.

    PS - Love the outfit AND your hair (!)

    1. Merry Xmas, Cee! I called J. Crew and told them what happened and they were nice enough to send another order. Unfortunately it won't arrive until next week...


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