Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Bums: Day #1

Welcome to Cabo San Lucas

Me Cabo

Having some fun in the water

Drinking the day away...


  1. miss youu :( I'm sniffling and sneezing a ton. Send me some warm weather please!

    Glad to see you're enjoying your vacay :) You needed it!

  2. Oh vacation sounds heavenly just about now... and I wish I had your bikini bod! *jealous* :)

  3. That looks so glamorous! I wish I were there :( I'm going to go LIVE on the beach in a few weeks ahhahaha that's a just reward after all this studying! You have one nice beach bod too ;)

  4. WOW... looks like you're having an AMAZING TIME! Can't wait to see more pics!
    I love how the bathing suit looks. I feel like I want to go back to the store and get me one too. {*heehee}

    Have a fun and safe trip!

    <3s Serena.

  5. omg i'm sooo jealous! you look great and like you're having an amazing time! i wish i had your figure, you look hot! :P hope you have lots of fun and have a safe trip back! :)

  6. Those Corona's look delicious. One word....*jealous*!

  7. OMG..Cabo looks so nice. I wish I was there. I have never been to Cabo. Enjoy your vacation and keep us posted with pictures :)
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  8. Ooh have a great time! I wish I were at the beach right now instead of stuck in my dusty cubicle. I can dream through you though ;)

  9. Love these pics...and I agree with the others you have quite the beach bod : ) And is that your bf?

  10. It looks so tropical and fun!! :) You have a killer beach bod!!! :)

    Love your pictures :)

  11. It looks amazing!
    I wanna go there! =D

    Check out my blog @

    With love, Samm

  12. You look great here. May I ask what bikini top you were wearing here?


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