Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fit & Flare

I been seeing flares everywhere. They are definitely coming back & I think I like them again. heehee. I found these at my favorite store -- Free People. I fell in love with them immediately when I saw them. They are stretchy pull on pants! Hahha great for lazy people like me. I just looked at their website and it looks like they offer a shorter length. I got the regular length and would have been more happy with the shorter length. You can tell in pic that they're kind of touching the floor, hopefully it shrinks an inch when I wash them. I'd return these for the right length, but since I already wore them I guess I'd refrain from doing so.

Super Skinny Pull On Flare by Free People
Price: $78
Size: 24
3 different lengths: Regular, Short & Long
(similar by Genetic) (similar from Forever21) (similar by True Religion)

Wrap Top is also from Free People
Size: XS

How do you ladies feel about flares coming back in style? Too hippie? Not for petites?


  1. I like flare jeans but haven't worn them for a while since skinny jeans are still in style. Your jeans are so cute
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  2. I've personally never been a fan of flare, but I do enjoy seeing boot-cut on others. Unless I wear 3 + inch heels, I won't even do a moderate boot-cut though.

    I know you've insisted before that you have short legs...but I don't even consider your legs to be petite because they always look long, long, long! The fact that you can almost pull off the regular length (which per the website, has a whopping 34 inch inseam!!) confirms that you do not have short legs.

  3. I was just thinking too that your legs look soooo long! I grew up in the age before skinny jeans were "in" so I have more flared jeans than skinnies. Not sure I'm crazy about the super wide bell-bottom types but I like just enough flare so that they drape over shoes with heels and give the illusion of longer legs.

  4. Your legs definitely look super long in these jeans! I'm jealous of your skinny legs because when I wear flares and bootcut jeans, my hips look ginormous and it's not so flattering. I think it really depends on a person's body type if flares can work...petite or not.

  5. I agree with the other ladies! Your legs look so long in those jeans. Love it! Flares will have to slowly grow on me. I'm still a fan of skinnies. Mostly because I can wear them with heels or flats. I don't wear heels often, so I usually can't do flares.

  6. thanks ladies! it's a very flattering pair of jeans that elongates your legs & makes them LOOK skinny, you should read all the raving reviews on their site. everyone loves it. also i am wearing 4" heels so it definitely helps make my legs look long...i promise!

  7. Wow- you look so long and lean!!! I'm not a big fan of the super flare but I do have some flared bottom jeans....but now I'm into the skinnies:)

    You look super pretty!!!

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  8. You look great with the flares :D It elongates your legs! They look so great with heels :)

  9. ooh that top looks super cool! I like the bottom of the top alot. and you got such nice legs too

  10. Wow these def elongate, much more so than the wide leg jeans from a few posts back! I agree with the other girls that a slight flare is better than a super wide flare ~ something that's just enough to cover heels :)


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