Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lover's Beach & Arch: Day 3 & 4

We decided to do a little exploring and took a taxi boat to Lover's Beach and Arch. The locals warn that the caves are dangerous..."you go in with two people and you end up coming out with 3 people..." Haha!

The beach borders between the Cortez Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It's about a 10 minute ride from our hotel to this beautiful secluded beach -- definitely worth the short ride! We enjoyed it so much we decided to go back another day.

I wanted to dock and take a pictures by the arch, but the driver said the water is too dangerous. It's only once every 3-4 years when the water is calm enough for them to let people onto this part of beach.

*Btw -- do you like our stylish life jackets? I believe its designer.

So finally here at...

Here he goes again with the shell searching. He said they're for my earrings. I said...ummmm I'm not too crafty once again and he goes "oh don't worry...Sophia can make them for you." LOL. Thanks Sophia!

Oh my ... look at those waves!

I think I'm just going to enjoy the view instead.

This is what happens when you go into the water. Can you spot the bf's hand? Hmmm....I think he might be drowning. Maybe I should drop the camera & help him. heehee

Cave Exploring!

And here are some pretty fishes-- the water is so clear you can see the fishes when they come near the surface.


  1. WOW awesome photos! With such beautiful scenery I can imagine it's not hard to snap gorgeous pics!

    Soooo.... are you coming back with THREE? ^_~

  2. What a gorgeous beach! I wish SoCal beaches were like that!

  3. Those photos are breath-taking. You look very pretty in your bathing suits. I love the pink ones. Can you give me more details, please :)?
    Last day to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at

  4. Such fun photos! I love the one where the bf is scavenging for shells for your earrings that Sophia now has to make, lol! This makes me want a vacation so bad!

  5. Those are crazy waves! And the fish make me miss snorkling in Mexico...sigh...

    Love the vacation photos, thanks for sharing :)

  6. Now THAT is a vacation! I love the 6th photo. GORGEOUS!

  7. That is an amazing vacation! I'm so jealous :)

  8. Cabo looks amazing! I can't wait for my vacation...too bad it's not Cabo.

  9. ahhhh i am so jealous! those pics are awesome, love the one with your bf's hand sticking out of the water! :P

  10. Sophia-- haha...just 2!!!

    PetiteXXS -- at least you have beaches with decent weather pretty much all year round. I take that over SF's dirty cold ocean beach. ;P

    PLG -- it is an old VS swim suit. I bought some recently and had to return them because they were too big. I think they inflated their sizes.

    PAG -- my bf is silly! I didn't ask him to look for seashells....he insisted. lol

  11. thank you sweetie :D hehe you should try the nails too when you get back from your amazing vaca

  12. holy! the pictures of you sitting on the rock by the beach is so surreal. It looks like something out of a victoria's secret swimsuit catalog. haha I want to go to cabo now, the water is so clear and the sand is so white and pretty


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